New Frank Trigg Interview


mma365: Any word on when you're going to be fighting next?
Frank Trigg: No, no word.

mma365: No ideas?
Frank Trigg: Nope.

mma365: Are you back in training, or are you concentrating on business such as your Triggonomics brand and your commentating job with Pride FC?
Frank Trigg: Just business right now. I can barely get off the couch these days.

mma365: Are you negotiating to fight in Pride or Bushido?
Frank Trigg: I don't do any of the negotiations. My manager takes care of all that.

mma365: Well are you considering fighting with them?
Frank Trigg: I'm considering fighting anyone they will have me fight. It's really difficult for me to fight in Pride or Bushido because if I'm fighting I'm out of broadcasting. I'm broadcasting with the company right now, so if I'm not there with Mauro Ronallo, you have to get someone else fill the spot.

mma365: Well I was going to ask you if there was anyone you would like to fight in particular, but I guess right now it's not an option.
Frank Trigg: Yeah, definitely at this point...there's not one person I'd like to fight, there are allot of good matches out there but allot of them is for organizations that I won't be able to fight for...

mma365: You worked with both Pride and the UFC, who would you say has the better talent?
Frank Trigg: It's semantics, the best welterweight division in the world, the best 170 pound division in the world is obviously with the UFC, because the UFC is only one that has that weight class. Pride doesn't have a 170 pound weight class, they only have 160. Then you can talk about who is the best at lightweight, Gomi was obviously the best light weight out there but then he lost. Its just different weight classes...but both places have 185. Well at 185 Henderson is the best guy. I think Henderson and Rich Franklin would be a tremendous matches or Franklin and Matt Lindland for that matter, would be a great matches. But Lindland is now fighting for the WFA so. Then you go to 205, and obviously Pride has the best 205 division. Chuck Liddell, the UFC champ got beat by Rampage Jackson, who is the number two guy at 205 at Pride...there are always excuses for this and that but that doesn't necessarily make a difference, you compete you compete, you lose you lose, you win you win. Liddell looked kind of injured, but Chuck lost the fight. Chuck is physically the third best guy at 205.


mma365: So you say Chuck Liddell is the third best guy at 205?
Frank Trigg: Wanderlai Silva is the best guy, than you have Rampage Jackson who beat Chuck. Rampage beat Chuck. Then Wanderlai beat Rampage two times.

mma365: How about Shogun Rua?
Frank Trigg: He's good but he doesn't have the ground skills, he got manhandled, by someone in Pride just a couple of weeks ago.

mma365: By Babalu?
Frank Trigg: No, Marilo got beat by...

mma365: No, that was Ninja Rua who was beat up bad by Denis Kang.
Frank Trigg: Yeah Shogun.

mma365: I think that was Ninja who was beat badly by Kang in Pride.
Frank Trigg: Shogun is up at 205, but he is not doing as well as he should be right now.

mma365: Well, he won the Pride FC middleweight tournament.
Frank Trigg: Well, that was last year but Wanderlai has been proving himself over a twenty two fight streak. There are two guys that are pound for pound the best in the world right now and they are Matt Hughes and Wanderlai Silva. That’s it.

mma365: Wanderlai Silva thought lost to Ricardo Arona in that one fight, I think it was a split decision...
Frank Trigg: It was the first fight at his weight class that he lost. Matt Hughes lost to BJ Penn.

mma365: Where did you get the nickname "Twinkle Toes?"
Frank Trigg: Some fan in Japan.

mma365: You grew up in New York, but now you fight and you live in California, how has the transition been like, and which coast do you prefer?
Frank Trigg: I'm out of the R1 training center. I prefer the west coast, there’s no ice. I'm not much of a snow weather guy.

mma365: Your original background is wrestling, what have you been working on in training more as of late, striking or submissions?
Frank Trigg: I know what I know, and I know wrestling. I don't know boxing, or kickboxing, or jiu jitsu, so all of that stuff you have to train.

mma365: Weight training, beneficial or harmful for the fighter?
Frank Trigg: Beneficial. You have to weight train. It’s just to keep your body from breaking down until it can't function, you have to weight train.

mma365: What do you think of the new east coast fighting organizations such as the IFL, WFC, and Cage Fury?
Frank Trigg: Cage Fury & WFC I don't know much about. They are so small right now. But the IFL I know about because it’s on FOX which is where I do my broadcasting. IFL is kind of funny because they started out this new concept of teams vs. teams. They did that for the first series. Its half teams, half super fights. Like Renzo vs. Miletech, you know fights like that. It’s going to be a situation where it’s going to be allot of team vs. team, which I said from the beginning that the team concept will not work. Team concepts, in amateur boxing its all about the team. You try to win as an individual, but you also try to help out your team. Amateur wrestling, same thing, you try to win the division but also try to win the team title. The one flaw with that concept is that both of those are amateur sports. You know once you go from amateur to pro boxing; you’re no longer in a team, you go to training camp. You come together with a bunch of guys who train together but you’re out there by yourself your no longer in a team anymore. Once you become a professional, in any of these sports, you are no longer competing for a team. You can win an individual and team title for Judo, same thing with boxing, same thing with wrestling, but that’s all in amateurs, not professionals. Once you become professional, the team concept is out the door.

mma365: They didn't sell out the last Bushido (1500 seats short according to Frank Trigg), do you think Pride has exhausted the Japanese market and also the contributing factor of the 800k PPV buys for Hughes vs. Gracie which made them like 40mil in profits is the reason that Pride is coming to Las Vegas later this year?
Frank Trigg: Your numbers are a bit skewed. The UFC did 800,000 ppv buys for their biggest event ever Hughes vs. Gracie, which is a bit high, I think it was like 650k, while Bushido did a million ppv buys in Japan. Bushido is the smallest show. Bushido is like the ultimate fight night for the UFC. If you want to talk about stadium size, Bushido has always been the smaller show...UFC event at Staples center which could fit 16,000, they only fit about 14,000+, and I bet allot of those tickets (6,000 possibly) were give away. I think on Ticketmaster they were selling tickets at 30% off...UFC is the biggest show in the America...Pride in Japan, my first event, there were 49,000 people in the stands. That was my first event in Pride, almost 50,000 people. You can’t compare the two organizations. Pride FC has a world wide has an international reach...most of the people who fight for the UFC are from the USA. There are a couple of Brazilians but even then they live here in the USA. I know a couple of guys that are Brazilian, they live in LA. Wanderlai Silva still lives in Brazil. CroCop still lives in Croatia. I'm talking about worldwide reach...the only locals are the Japanese fighters...I think Pride would do really well in the United States, but it would take a while for it to happen, it wouldn’t happen overnight. Its going to be successful...It's going to give the fans another option as to what to watch.

mma365: Thank you for the interview it has been really interesting. Good luck with your commentating career.
Frank Trigg: Thank you, talk to you soon