New FX Energy mouthguard isawesome

I just had my new mouthguard arrive and it is sweet.I had a Gladiator before and this mouthguard is just as good and half the price.Both companies produce great mouthguards but price is the big difference.

Checkout there website at

You won't go wrong

Actually I didn't check the site for total cost but I live in Ontario and she came right to our club for ours and the cost was $50 delivered beacuse she lives in the same town and did the impressions right there so we didn't have to ship the impressions back as well.

By the time I had my Gladiator all said and done I was spending about $130.So being Canadian it is alot cheaper and in my situition cheaper then everyone else.

I think you need to take a valium and calm down but aside from you attitude you made some valid points.

look cheesy

I have a gladiator as well that I swear by and it looks very simular however it is thicker offering more protection.They actually look a little more like the Pro-tech.

Yeah I think you're right.I don't remember my gladiator being that cheap.

No question about it I love my Gladiator.It is an awesome mouthguard.The service was great and the mouthguard has saved my teeth more then once.I wasn't on here to bash gladiator.I truelly believe they are the top mouthguard company out there.

FX Energy however does rival gladiator as far as a quality mouthguard.I actually find it a little thicker in some areas then the gladiator.The customer service was great for me but they do have to prove themselves over a long period like gladiator has.I think right now they may be a little cheaper for Canadians with tariffs and double shipping charges.

Whatever you choose I believe you can't go wrong with either of these.



Yeah I know I keep moveing this thread up but when I bought my Gladiator mouthguard I was amazed at the difference from a boil and bite to a custom.

I really feel this one is better.The only complaint I have is they have no holes in the storage container to allow the mouthguard dry out but hopefully that will change soon.