New G.I. Joe Movie Footage

It Looks Bad Ass!!!!

Baroness looks smokin hot, but I don't like those gay power suits. Was that Storm Shadow unmasked?

What part of that wannabe halo meets power rangers had anything to do with GI Joe?

So many grunts and groans

hmm thats not so bad.

Storm Shadow unmasked?

probably some famous JPN actor who demanded his face be seen.

as long as Snake Eyes is still masked its cool.

Those power armor suits are beyond awful. They're just a shitty plot device to turn GIJoe into X-men. Snake-eyes already jumps around like he's spiderman.

Why the fuck did they pull those stupid suits out of their asses? That has jack shit to do with the GI Joe we all grew up with

Siena Miller actually looks awesome as Baronness, great casting

I'll just repeat the same thing as this thread and every person walking out of the theater when they see this. Those fuckin' suits. . .

 You guys keep bitchin' about the power suits, but GI Joe was ALL ABOUT technology, the latest weapons and all kinds of crazy vehicles and gadgets. 

I think it's very much in the spirit of the toy line and comic book.

I remember CRAZY gadgets they had like a jeep, tank, m-16. Some had a pistol.

Cobra got some crazy near-scifi shit.. but GI Joe was always an american special ops team with primarily military stuff.

Near the end with Serpentor and such cobra got particularly silly.

I just don't see the point of this movie. If these guys had gotten ahold of the Transformers.. they would have made it in the spirit of the toys and comics, but no robots turning into cars.

Dirty Cake -  You guys keep bitchin' about the power suits, but GI Joe was ALL ABOUT technology, the latest weapons and all kinds of crazy vehicles and gadgets. 
But each character had his own unique technology and style and sometimes even vehicles.  I'm not bitching that the suits don't fit the technology.  I'm disappointed because it makes them all the same.  Now that they have the suits who gives a shit if it's Duke or Roadblock or Sgt. Slaughter under the helmet?  

It turned GI Joe into a bunch of B.A.T.s


It's not just the idea of the power armor sucks. The design of the power armor sucks.

This movie is strictly for kids. It's on par with Thunderbirds and Speedracer.

The movement of the power armor reminds me of Ravage from the Transformers.

Growing up I was entirely obsessed with GI Joe, and I still have a certain fondness for the series and characters now that I am getting ever nearer to 30.

That said, this is a fucking joke it's so bad. This dunderhead fantasia seems like an easy cash grab by some movie studio to cash in on the current 80's retro craze and the pull of nostalgia of people like us. Besides the aforementioned stupid power-suits, everything about the movie just looks silly and juvenile.

In order to purify my mind from the dreck I just viewed, I'll watch the true G.I. Joe movie tonight. Actually, I'd planned to watch it anyway, but this is as good of a reason as any.

The Sunbow GI Joe cartoon from the 80's is legitimately a great animated movie that does actually does justice to the characters while still keeping a good story. It's well animated, well written, and overall it's the only GI Joe movie that matters to me.

My interest in GI Joes has actually been piqued for the past few days when I saw the thread about the figure "Chuckles" on the OG the other day. I used to have him an I always thought he was kind of lame, although not as bad as some guys like "Big Boa" (Cobra's boxer) or the Refridgerator Perry figure. I used to have a ton of 3 3/4 Joe's loose with all the weapons and gear, but I lost them all when my house burned down 2 years ago. I'd like to buy some more, but with the renewed interest in the franchise, it looks the prices have gone up a bit higher than I can pay.

Right now, the only figure I have is LowLight, but I'd like to get a few more like Airtight, Blowtorch, Scrap Iron, (one of my favorites for some reason) Ripcord, Frostbite, and some more. I'd also like to get some of the vehicles like the APC, but we're still trying to recover financially and I don't have any room for them.

Well, now you can just by a bunch of loose Halo figures and name them whatever you want :)