New Gear "Musashi" in Toronto at CKT Sports

Had a chance to go do some Back to School Equipment shopping at CKT Sports Downtown Toronto.

Owner of the store just got a shipment of their new brand of Boxing and Muay Thai Gear.

I got a couple of pairs of gloves, and focus mitts and the curved Thai Pads.

We have been using them for the past 2 weeks or so and they have been great.

As a school owner I love the fact that is it competitively priced, and the feel of the gloves is similar to the top brands out there.

The Gloves have a nice feel and the wrist strap is nice and snug too.

The Thai Pads are also very well made, and have a nicely packed with a nice size and depth, yet not too hard. They are at a good price too!

If you are looking for some good NEW gear check out the Mushashi Gear at CKT Sports.

I prefer KimuraWear, but hey, thats just me.

I have a pair of Kimura Wear gloves that began to fall apart the second week that I was using them.


Hi! I am the owner of CKT Sports.

Thank you for reviewing Musashi gear.

I just remind you CKT Sports provides All Musashi products (except handwrap) with 2 months guaranteed in proper usages.

Happy training :)