New ghostbusters 3 reveal. The mini pufts!

I just hope there aren’t any female ghostbusters.
Women aren’t funny or likable in those roles.



Women should just know their place. Fuck the 19th.

Huey Lewis and his lawyers will be keeping a close eye… and ear on this movie

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I feel like this movie has been coming out for the last 3 years.

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I think this will be a good enough movie. A fun flick.

Already looks lame
And doing the product placement for Baskin Robbins

Original trailer looks like ghostbusters the stranger things version and I’m down with that

This might be worth watching

^ This

It’s like the ‘New Mutants’ movie that got stuck in development hell for ages and was a giant piece of shit when it was finally released. Hopefully, the end result is better this time.

That said, the mini Stay-Puft men have a definite Evil Dead vibe, and you can’t go wrong with imitating Sam Raimi. Plus, having Paul Rudd as the lead also offers hope.

Yeah Paul Rudd is the exact sort of actor you want in the movie.

I liked the vibe of that short clip

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They’re trying to cash in on Baby Yoda-like merchandising

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Yeah it’s going to be great to watch queen latifah grab one of the mini pufts and use him as a tampon as some kind of women’s empowerment joke.


Just like Baby Yoda, ripped off Baby Groot.

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Don’t worry they were roasting em that adds some color.

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Looks shit.

Have you seen whole trailer? Looks great

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The last travesty of a movie ruined the franchise. Unfortunately we have enough idiots populating the earth that will plop down their money anyhow to go see what will almost definitely be another giga tock piece of shit movie.

Way to go screwing up the childhood memories of millions of adults.