New Grappling Rules, Testing them in NY on 2/28/10

EDIT: We picked the rules and here is all the info

2 Divisions - $50 if Pre-Registered by 2/14/10

Long Island Submission Tournament : 2/28/10

Spins Gymnastics Academy

600 North Bicycle Path

Port Jefferson Station, NY

When : 2/28/10 (confirmed)

What :

Adult(18+): Division: No-Gi and No-Gi Absolute Division

Teens(13-17): No-Gi and Gi Division

Kids(4-12): No-Gi and Gi Division

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"Back mount requires both hooks inserted and must be held for 3 seconds to end overtime."

Or triangled.

Problem: If you get top guard, passing guard standing will be pretty dangerous... since botton guard also is allowed to win via "standing up"...

Thanks for the triangle part, I will put that in there ASAP.

Yea, we have had some people mention that. But the way I look at it and others is that it is a way to force the top man to engage the gaurd.

Where I train when we do gaurd passing if the bottom man stand-up we start all over again.

The reason for this is that a guard pass wins because it is an improvement in position, just like a sweep would be. The stand-up is the same improvement.

Still may take it out though, we shall see.


If we make it so bottom guy can't stand do you think that will make it more even? Then only sweeps, passes or subs will win.

"The reason for this is that a guard pass wins because it is an improvement in position, just like a sweep would be. The stand-up is the same improvement."

Hmm.. I'm not so sure...

Dude on top: He can do... nothing. There is almost no sub he can do, unless he surprises the bottom guy with some supercrazy stuff and the bottom guy is pretty low level.

If he manages to pass the guard, he has improved his position 100%. Its reversed, he can switch to other dominating positions and has all the subs at his disposal.

Dude on bottom: Has everything he wants: He can control the top guy and dictate the pace, slow things down and rest. He can sweep the guy if he starts moving, and also can submit the guy...

If he gets up from guard... how did that improve his position? Now he has no sub or sweep possibility. The takedown game begins for both, so he goes from control/sweep/sub to equal situation for both.

So I think this logic doesn't hold up... standing up and immediately going for a double etc, that might be a plus.

Oh, and you when you train, and stop when somebody got up, its just to get back to the part you were training: Passing the guard (or not being passed). Its like when you start in half guard... when you get to full guard or mount etc, you go back to half guard, cause that's what you're drilling.

Getting up does not mean you "won" anything more. You fore sure did not improve your situation.

Ok I will look into getting rid of the stand-up rule. I'll talk to some other guys about it.

During alot of grappling matches, you see guys raising hell to be able to pull guard. Why do you think this is :-)

He was standing before but wants to go to guard. Also, there are some tourneys with the rule that if you try to pull guard and the guy evades, he gets point (although both are still in standup after that). Guard just is bigger than both standing and facing each other, SPECIALLY in a golden point situation.


JoeF - If we make it so bottom guy can't stand do you think that will make it more even? Then only sweeps, passes or subs will win.

Yeah, this would be better. makes neither position quite as advantageous...

sorry dont like the rules.Dont like starting people in guard on a coinflip Start standing or try a new sport

Isn't there a risk that the first round will be all about stalling, saving energy for the overtime round?

also it rewards the staller Say 1 guy goes all out the first period while the other stalls for OT The guy who stalls will be less tired come overtime

Just to clear something up, for anyone complaining that this is disadvantageous to wrestlers, this isn't a wrestling tournament. If you want to wrestle go to a wrestling tournament.

I do now agree that the bottom guy standing-up might be unfair so I will take that out.

Making the guard a place to start overtime makes this a BJJ tournament and focused on BJJ. It is not for Judoka or Wrestlers to feel included.

Also, having a takedown end the match (start overtime from standing and let the first takedwon win) heavily favors wrestlers, which this tournament is suppossed to be about BJJ.

I think we will now take out the stand-up and go with a coin toss. Heads your on top, tales your on bottom. We could either do it so that the first point to score wins (under normal rules, so if bottom stand-up then a take down will win) or just make it pass , sweep or sub (meaning they have to stay in guard.

As for submitting people from the guard, haven't you guys ever heard of leg locks or half-guard subs? I will

Here are 2 new options :

ADCC stlyed rules -
After the normal match time there is a 3 minute overtime where point are scored. Whoever scores the most in OT wins

Sudden Death -
After normal match time is up the player start from a neutral guard position (decided by coin flip). First to score a point under IBJF rules or similar wins the match.

This last one is taken from Wrestling tourneys :
1 minute overtime from standing- first takedown wins

After 1 minute guard passing is used and competitors switch every minute until a point is scored. 


i like wrestling and BJJ heres a few points.You cant have it next takedown wins All a wrestler has to do is stay on feet first period thn get takedown in OT.But you also cant start a period in guard Yes its not a wrestling tourney but wtf BJJ scores for takedowns too.Starting in guard is IMO saying we suck at takedowns so lets ignore the fact that any fight starts on the feet Not hold on lets start in guard

ummmm read the rules posted in the first post, it was edited.

OT consists of first to score a point under IBJJF rules. So you can win by a takedown or pull guard and get a sweep or sub.