new guy at ATT


the future of mma

i love when he does his "kung fu wine" to summon his inner power

Wonder which fighter’s baby kept crying?

It was a bit distracting when the guy was showing his stuff.


that is unreal..

the evolution is upon us.

 awesome video.  Jorge cracks me up when he keeps looking into the camera.

 Dudes a badass, NOBODY wanted to go to the ground with him!!!  :-)

Poor guy. He's delusional. Someone should have let him in on the joke.

How do these people still exist....

maybe he never saw UFC 1 or 2 or 3 ......

funny as this guy is ...he could catch an idiot on the street with his hands

but still not all there

i want to see his arm bar 

The guy has to be in on it.

Clever way of doin it though.

hahahaha. I feel so bad for this guy...

"your kicks are nasty brother!"

Heart on fire... man...

 "heart on fire"- probably the salsa from whatever Taco Bell he learned his moves at.

Truemanc3 - The guy has to be in on it.

Clever way of doin it though.
i would hope so but i doubt thats the case


I dont think its cool for them to be making fun of the guy, he wants to train to fight and they are dogging him.

wtf it says video is private

dom dom dom - wtf it says video is private

 well that sucks it was funny while it lasted

probably because it makes their gym look very bad