New guy looking for tip

Hey gang,
I’m new to BJJ and have a question, probably the first of many. This one concerns takedowns – or maybe preventing a takedown.

Everyone is pretty much kickin’ my butt but one guy in particular is giving my fits in sparring. From the initial contact/tie up he’s starts working around to my side (still standing) then doesn’t trip so much as “rip” me backwards. Not that it hurts or anything…it’s just frustrating knowing that it’s coming and not stopping it anyway. I don’t think he’s taking my leg out, it feels more like being bowled over…kinda backwards, kinda sideways – hard to describe.

I’ve tried turning, say he’s moving to my right…I’d turn clockwise to try to keep him in front of me. The only takedowns I know assume I’m facing my opponent and I’m 0% with this guy.

I know, it should come with time but I’d sure like to surprise this guy next time.

Thanks in advance.

Do you know any throws?

The half hip\floating hip (forget the japanese name something gohsi) is a good throw when someone gets to your side.

Another one is to step into him and reap one of his legs (o-uchi gari or ko-uchi gari (?) - real easy to learn). You need to be taught these throws.

He is doing a sit down toss. If you lower your base too much when he gets to your side, it makes it easy for him. I'm not versed in defending this; but, seems like you might pick his front leg and turn into him or setup a kimura on the arm in front of you.

ttt for better ideas....

Thanks for the replies. I have been at this for a whopping one month so please forgive any "stupid" questions.

We did work on a hip toss/throw and a counter when you feel it coming. Unfortunately, the counter seems to work better than the throw. Maybe I telegraph my intentions. But I will give it a shot, what's the worst that could happen?

Do you mean pick the let with my hand or lift it with my foot? Also, lowering my base is what I've been doing, just seemed safer.

Just fall backwards into guard? I'll try that too. So far the only position I feel somewhat comfortable in is side control. I usually (always) get stuck in guard and run out of ideas. I do have a Dan Gable wrestling takedown video but have trouble applying moves in real-time speed.

Thanks again.

If he's your training partner... just ask him what the counter is. If you're new and this guy is just taking you down without you knowing why or how to defend it, neither one of you is benefitting.