New Gym in Centennial, Co.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know about the NEW gym in Centennial, Co. You can find more info at

We have ALOT of big stuff coming in the next few months including a NEW fight promotion making its debut in mid-summer. Alot of good people are involved and making things happen. Check out the website for more information. Stay tuned for



Congrats and Well Done.  Looks like things just keep moving forward for you Jeff.

BTW, did you pick a new "ring name" yet?

LOL - well things are going "better" but life is still a struggle. As Far as a Ring Name my publicist has decided that I need to keep it. I acquired her after the whole ring name change. I will make an announcement here within the next couple of days. Take Care.


why did you leave LA boxing? What do you expect the boxing services to be like at your new place? Are you going to offer just classes or also types of lessons?


Boy - thats the way to put someone on the spot - lol. Ok, I left LA Boxing because the Franchisee mismanaged the gym. Will it last - i don't know. But i don't see the corporate office letting it shut down and make a sore spot. There are problems within every org., this i have to  put on the Franshisee as i think that he was told not to think much about the fighters who come work for him. Meaning, we had a little sit down after 3-4 months of me being there and he said that he was told by the top guy that these fighters are washed up, has beens, and have no other trade except fighting of which we will do whatever we were told at whatever price to stay a part of what we love.

I have a degree in social-psych and have a family to take care of - for 70+ hours a week only getting my salary (which was under 2,500) and not making the 2+k in private training that i was garunteed - i felt it best i leave while still on half way decent terms with everybody.

With the income in the area where i am going to be,i am going to do a whole different type of approach to training. The concept that WE as fighters need to get in out heads is that WE are the ones that make the promoters shows so WE should get better money. There is no reason where after being in the ring over 150 times that i should  not be looking at 7+ figures in my account. My point is, there is no reason why i cannot charge 250 a month per person to train with a 3 Time MT WC and 2 Time MMA C. I know karate guys who can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag and are getting 175 a HALF HOUR for skills that are mastabutory at most. Point being that i still love the SPORT - matter of fact i am traing harder now then i ever have and am lower then i was when i first started fighting. But love of sport does not pay the bills, learning the business aspect of the fight game and playing that is where the real cheese comes in. That is why we fighters are always behind the game - we cannot and will not differitiate our love from the business. So, I have a publiscist, a marketing team/management to deal with my stuff outside of the ring while i deal with the stuff inside the ring - make sense. BTW, i have recently found out that i will be fighting at the end of May - or somtime around there. I am training even harder starting Monday.

Jeff, it's good that you are doing what's best for you, your family and your fighters.  I know it will be great and next time I'm out there to visit the family, I'll be in to see you.  Until then best wishes with this new venture.


dude -

i hear what you are saying, and i really am not tring to be a dick -

but i seriously think you need a reality check if you think you can charge 250 p/mo.

of course, you will/can get whatthe market will bare, but.......

1.colorado isnt a big city

  1. being a MT WC doesnt mean that much when you concider there are a great deal of org's and WC's in those org's - PLUS there are tons out there not charging that money -

  2. there are bigger names then your in colorado not charging that money - Nate Marquart and his team (of which he has a MT WC teaching) for one,

Boulder and Colorado BJJ both have a superior grappling program, Mike Nichols is a fighter out of there and he is on the ultimate fighter TV show -

  1. Colorado BJJ has a VERY GOOD MT coach -

those schools charge between 100-150 p/month

look at it this way - if you can get 100 students a month @ 100 p/month - thats 10k a month - working around 4 hours a day -


It is that thinking among those in the fight gaem that holds us back - there are a few flaws in your case,

1.colorado isnt a big city - colorado as a state has  a very LARGE rich poplulation. If iwas just charging that to do MA then that would be one thing. But i am trainng non-athletic people like an athlete. I am not trying to make money off of fighters - that is not going to happen - i am making money off of those who want ot train like a fighter, hange around with fighters, etc.... So my training is moy fitness/sport specific - look at this site and you will see what i am talking about

2. Being a MT WC doesnt mean that much when you concider there are a great deal of org's and WC's in those org's - PLUS there are tons out there not charging that money - For the general pop being a Champion is all about how you market it? That is what we as fighter don't get. Alot of people on this site have very little respect for Karate or TKD as a Fighting Art, But look at Billy Blanks, Chuck Norris, Krav Maga, etc... It is about marketing and telling the people what you want them to know and then giving them more of what they expect.

3. there are bigger names then your in colorado not charging that money - Nate Marquart and his team (of which he has a MT WC teaching) for one? This is true, i have trained at Nate's place and he is a very good at what he does and he as a person overall is great. His location and his focus is totally different then mine, he is in tucked away in a shopping mall where the median incom for a five mile radius is around55-75k. I am tucked away in a shopping mall where the median income in a 5 mile radius is 114k with 236k people in that 5 mile radius. 1/4 mile from my gym are million dollar plus homes. Again if i was just focusong on teaching MA that would be one thing, but i am afitness Coach" teaching elite athelets and corp exec's

4. Colorado BJJ has a VERY GOOD MT coach those schools charge between 100-150 p/month. and that is a beautiful thing - again not my focus. 


Technically the gym is not open yet and i have 10 clients already - at 250 a month with 1 group pt session a week and classes the rest. It is asmaller locale and more private int its whole. I don't have a large overhead and i am not going to spend 20k in equipment. For functional training you need dumbells, med balls, balance boards, etc...,for excitement you "build" a ring, add heavy bags, and create a "visual" effect.


Do you see the difference between what i am doing and a typical fitness or MA gym?





Best of luck jeff. You know i got fighters if your gonna put on a show in denver. Dan

Whats up Dan,

Hey there are some things going on send me your guys info - call me later at the numer on the website

"COlorado isn't a big city"

Colorado is a state, not a city.

Jeff, are you gonna need some instructors..?

Hook a brotha up!!!



Damn bro I need to show you where the spell check is on this thing .. LOL!

I'll be in to visit you soon. I'm fighting for the ISKA down in Alamosa ( it's going to be a FCR "kicks above the waist match) on April 22, I want to talk about still training with you on a part time basis.


Hey OSW contact me! I want to see if you want to go down to Alamosa on the 22nd. I'll rep OSW gear if you want.

Sounds like its gonna be another Curves for Women. Aint gonna make it.

I know a guy in omaha that does this exact same thing and caters to rich people for personal thai boxing training. Let me tell you , he is making bank and has 4 full time trainers to handle all the clients. If done right, no can defend.


best of luck... very smart to market it to the wealthy...

man, colorado is going to be packed with shows... not like it isn't

osw -

yea, i meant denver -

big -

didnt know centennial had that kinda money - i knew people who live in the area and it did seem like that kind of money -

cherry creek seems like that 250 p/yr kinda money

btw - good luck anyway