New Gym in Centennial, Co.

SReiter, his gym is actually right on the border of Lone Tree, Littleton Area near the Tech Center. Not in the Middle Class area  of Centennial I live in (which used to be Aurora, I'm A-town all the way) .

 Hey I hope your doing well, I have not heard much from you. Are you still training? Still pimping Chicks?? :)

yes, and YES




I have family in the Aurora, Cherry Creek, Centennial area and know it very well.  Jeff is doing exactly the right thing.

He will succeed, not just because he is doing the business right but because he is a respected and trusted fighter and Instructor.

That is all.

Ben -

dude - i lived uptown and have many friends throught the area - I know the area fairly well myself


Good luck with that Jeff. Would've been nice to have you though. Oh well... you gotta do what's best for you and your's. I can appreciate that.

True, but i would love to work something out with you and Sheldon. I will be there to the morning class and we can talk then. Big stuff coming.............



pics? :)

Jeff call me if someone is not paying you and you need their ass whupped. I need to hit someone that's it.


LOL - Bump will do. Get at me when you get this message - hit me on the Celly.




ttt for Colorado MMA


Big things are coming.