New Gym Open

Tribal Punishment Gym finally open to public Mon to Fri 7pm onwards Crnr Settlement Rd and High St Thomastown
Contact 0424864299

Only white fella's hanging on the walls Ben :)


The tribal part of the name is a referance to Robbie's aboriginal heritage.

Now it'stime for me to get on the ph. to the people at BET might be a nice tie in for their Iron Rings show.


 Good luck!

Nice. Website?

Check some pics here Maryanne

 Wow, looks like an awesome set up. Nice mats and space...


So who is teaching there?

is that thomastown Melbourne Victoria????

i just went to the bebo link and it sais the gym is open "24/7" is that correct???

That's a nice looking layout!

the facilities look really nice.
i watched teh youtube vids. is that tournament a jjj tournament? or the iska grappling tournament, and what belt level is that?
albert, what do u mean faux indigenous identity, does robby knight claim to be aboriginal?
and who teaches there, i see he is affiliated with extreme, so is it one of john donahues guys?

if its open 24/7 that would be f*&%en awesome.

Anyone no what time the gym's business hours are?

Robbie is an Aboriginal & a very proud one at that. He has had a lot of involvement with the Aboriginal governing bodies, councils etc... His vision is to also take kids off the street (black or white) or the wrong side of the tracks & teach discipline through MMA. I have no doubt he will find some super talented kids of Aboriginal heritage, as we have seen in all other Aussie sports.

I think one of those humpty dumpties on the video might infact be mick cuttajar?? Him and 6'3" 165kg (with ab's) Robbie are far from Humpty Dumpties in my mind!

Had Robbie not been plagued with injury he would have gotten a shot abroad in MMA. He is also a super cool guy that respects everyone & hopes for the same in return. Safe to say anyone that attended the gym would be treated like a brother.


Ps - see how nice I am to people that are bigger than me ;)

Where's Thomastown?

Thomastown is very close to both Lalor and Bundoora. From those pictures, the gym looks incredible. Will defiantly have to try and drop in sometime during the year and have a run. Just two questions - is it actually open 24/7 as advertised and are there currently any plans on introducing a cage to the setup? Thanks for any feedback.

amazing venue! haven't seen anything else like it in melbourne. never heard of Robbie though, what are his credentials?

i would think that anyone who has spent that kind of cash setting up a place like that would have great confidence in their grappling knowledge and teaching abilities.

The gym is only open for limited times at the moment Mon Wed and Fri from 730pm I am taking the grappling / MMA classes there and Chris Collard (Former World Champ) and Nick "Thunderkick" Talakouris train Kickboxing, Robbie actually only runs the Gym. Now Albert i cannot recall you ever training in one of my classes?????? perhaps you could come down again and ill see if i cant give you a better workout? Most of the "classes" if you attended one are very very basic all the students are beginners i like to wait at least a week before showing the flying Triangles and suplexs. Anyone wishng to find out credentials of coaches etc please feel free to drop into the gym or call me on 0424864299 not a problem :)Regards to all