new halo 3 trailer looks awesome!

i know you level 1 pokemons try to hide this trailer, but to late i saw it and unleash it here on the pokemon ground.

lets the pokemon flaming begin.

if this is really Halo 3. then it is the worst looking overhyped fps game ever!

even i as xboxhater, hope it doesnt look as bad as this trailer. it has got be fake. it has got to be. or is it actually real?

THose bad PS3 sales driving you a little crazy, huh?

sadvy stay on topic. this aint about ps3. this is about that mini pc called xbox360 and their massive pokemon followers.

i am just waiting to hear the excuses that is all :)

FPS on consoles are never good. (apart from Golden Eye)

If that's how the game will actually look this fall, then it's a huge bummer.

But I find that absolutely impossible to believe. Bungie has NEVER made a game that wasn't at or near the top of its time in graphics (Marathon, Myth, Halo, Halo 2). I find it hard to believe they're going to finish out their trilogy with one of the most anticipated games ever, and have the graphics look like high-res Halo 2. And when the devs say current builds are almost indistinguishable from the concept art, I can't imagine they're talking about a game that looks like this video, with its complete lack of textures, polygons, depth of field, dynamic lighting, etc, etc, etc.

I will be stunned if the game doesn't look at least as good as GRAW 2 when it comes out, and I expect it will look better.

That's a video of HALO 1, imo

"prepare to be stunned, orcus"

You think it won't look as good as the more-than-a-year-old GRAW? Both Halos blew away all the GRs on Xbox, graphically. They've had more time than Ubi and presumably more support from Microsoft for Halo 3.

the thing is with gears of wars and graw 2. it always looked great. even in early pictures etc.

that said motorstorm on the ps3 started to look bad. and became better and better looking until it was 1 of the most impressive ps3 games to date.

but if halo3 beta will be really that bad looking. then there is a huge problem. i actually dont understand why it has to look that bad. is it maybe because they want to put 64 people online at once?

"the thing is with gears of wars and graw 2. it always looked great. even in early pictures etc."

True enough about Gears -- it actually got downgraded by the time it came out -- but GRAW 2 was a re-use of an old engine, so of course that looked great from the beginning. GRAW actually looked pretty crappy up until a month or two from release, when suddenly they dropped in all the high-res textures, HDR, etc. People were screaming about it like crazy, saying it was so far from the "target" trailer shown at E3, and then it all came together in literally a month or two.

The Halo blogs say everything they've shown so far doesn't have the final textures, has no dynamic lighting, no water effects, no self-shadowing, etc etc.

So, yeah, I don't think it will look as good as Gears -- it's got to support a lot of players and will have much more wide-open areas -- but I think it is going to look dramatically better than that video (and better than the beta coming up in a couple weeks).

Here's an example of what I'm talking about -- screenshot of GRAW from September 2005:

And then from January 2006:

Now, even today when I play GRAW, it is still one of the best looking games I've ever seen, better in some ways/some scenes than Gears. And those pics were from closer to release than this Halo vid, since Halo 3 is still 6 or 7 months away.

Im really hoping H3 can shock me but sadly, at this point even that 1st GRAW screen looks better than some of H3.

As an example of the difference the effects will make, here is a pic from a Bungie demo of Halo 2 with their new HDR implemented (not implemented in the video shown so far of Halo 3):

3rd person shooters like Gears and GRAW will always look better than first person shooters...I don't know why that is, but it has always been that way IMO. Don't know if it's a perspective thing or what.

i think the reason why halo 3 looks that way. is because they orginal created on the nintendo wii. and the xbox360 version is a port of that wii version. ofcourse bungee denies this. but my inner sources says a wii version is on the way!!!! haha.

"lol @ that HDR demo of halo 2. HDR must add higher res player textures and super smooth anti-aliasing! What a bullshot."

Probably the Vista version of H2.

What on earth in that pic would have to be pre-rendered? The background is extremely low-poly, the ground is one low-res texture. The Chief model is hardly some unrealistic expectation, and most of the rest of whatever goodness is in the shot is from the HDR lighting, which has been used in many games now (HL2:Lost Coast, GRAW, etc).

Bullshots usually look much better (unrealistic).

It has nice water at least:

Xboxyde has HD videos of the multiplayer beta. Definitely looks way better than the previous shitty videos, but is still nothing amazing compared to other 360 games. Hopefully the single player will have better graphics, since I don't care about the multi anyway.

As for the gameplay, everyon on GAF is absolutely creaming over it. Some have gone so far as to call it "flawless" as a multiplayer game. And apparently the sound is really incredible.

This is from IGN from the beta.

The visuals are now in HD, though honestly, they probably will leave many unimpressed. But really, no one will care if Halo 3 doesn't look like Gears of War as long as it plays great. And, after an hour of playtime, I think Halo 3 might just deliver. I could go on for another six pages with details, but Halo 3 Beta is calling.

as you see Visuals are so so.

for gameplay. hard to say. was never much impressed with halo in the first place. i always thought it was a game for sheep. but maybe halo 3 gameplay is actually good. i will have a go at it next week and see if it can live up to all the hype

Yeah, Halo multiplayer has all the same flaws that nearly ever multiplayer shooter does, that make me have zero interest in playing them: Running backwards and side to side at a full sprint while pogoing up and down like a jackass and all that. OFP is the only shooter I ever gave a shit about as far as multiplayer.

"as you see Visuals are so so."

The only thing that really bugs me is that the trees look like crap. Other than that it looks pretty good for a multiplayer beta with 6 months to go before release. Since I doubt I'll play the multi, I only really care about the singleplayer. Although you should be praising the fact that unlike Resistance, this runs at a constant 60fps -- isn't that the only "real next-gen" framerate?