New Hampshire Poll Points To Trouble For Trump; Growing Support For DeSantis

I agree

We had better be careful or trump is going to do what Ross Perot did in 92 when he basically split the Republicans giving Bill Clinton the victory.

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Not sure trump would go independent. He knows it’s a losing hand and wouldn’t want to lose.

I see him making a play at Congress. Easy win. High profile, and pulpit. Little risk.

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That’s a legitimate concern. My fear is that that Trump cares more about himself than the party and the country.

I don’t want him to run, but he will. And if he gets the nomination i will vote for him.


I voted for Trump. But he had his shot. I think he needs to move on from the presidency.

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I wonder if they are stirring up shit to cause a rift between Trump and De Santis.

I think his ego is too big for him to go from president to representative or even senator.

Not to mention the fact that it hasn’t been done since 1874 when andrew Johnson successfully ran for the senate. That was a quick Google search and I’m not 100% on that and will stand corrected if necessary.

Exactly. And at this point he has it if he wants it. That may change depending on who gets indicted but as long as he controls the base, he’s their man

Trump is the one stirring up shit. He thinks DeSantis owes his political career to him. He’s put off by the fact that, unlike other potential GOP nominees, DeSantis hasn’t said he won’t run if trump does.


He could run third party with overwhelming support. The GOP, seeing that it would be a guaranteed loss could be brought to their knees and give in

lol he fucking hates DeSantis. He would burn it all down if he could rule over the ashes

Im honestly sick of Trump. His ego controls him. Therefor anyone who feeds his ego also controls him.

Thats why he was surrounded by so many leeches yet didnt notice.

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I see if it comes to that Republicans doing everything they can to make sure he doesn’t get the nomination. They know it turns the country into a circus. Our country is falling apart and we have over 2 years left of people who are intentionally destroying the country for some worldview nobody voted for.

both sides are irrational in different ways unfortunately…

That’s your fear? I mean, is there any doubt that he puts himself over the party?

If someone wrote a book about the inner working of Trump’s psyche I would run out and buy it. The guy fascinates me

When put into that context, would you say that a man like that can be easily manipulated?

He still has the opportunity to, in my opinion, do the right thing, which is step aside.

Not so much for the benefit of the party, but for the benefit of the country.

I hear you man, I’ve already said i think he’ll run. But i hold out hope…

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Trump 2024 makes the election a referendum on trump.

2024 needs to be a referendum on joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck Schumer, etc. and Democrat policies.

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He would only not run for his own benefit. Whether it’s because he’s under indictment or the GOP cuts some kind of deal with him; he’s not stepping aside out of the goodness of his heart. You’re going the leopard will change his stripes

Yes! Trump is one of a kind; he shines bright but burns out fast. He’s no Mitch McConnell. Which makes him a big distraction and an anomaly. There’s a real rot in our government that has been there before Trump and will be there after, that’s what we need to root out