New Hampshire Poll Points To Trouble For Trump; Growing Support For DeSantis

If you think of this post as a series of predictions, then tried to get a Vegas wager on all of them, my own bet is you’d lose every single one.

Short version: This is a really, really terrible take.

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Since you didn’t even try to explain what you think lest make yourself available to be countered with facts - and instead went with the classic moron’s argument of “you’re wrong just because” - I have to assume it was just a sad attempt at confirming your own biases.

I, however, can explain why I think what I think:

Trump will coast to the nomination if he runs

There are primaries going on around the country and having Trump’s support seems to be the most important factor in most cases. And who do you think he’s supporting? Whoever is the most pro-Trump. Or do you really think he’s going through each state and district one by one, learning the local issues and the candidates and making endorsements accordingly? :laughing:

Short version: The party is completely under Trump’s thumb. Him coasting to the nomination is beyond likely.

If DeSantis runs against Trump, Trump would verbally berate him into oblivion

What are you saying here, Trump wouldn’t do it or DeSantis would come out on top of the verbal battle? Either way you’d be wrong.

with DeSantis holding back in fear of alienating the hardcore Trump crowd

You really think that isn’t the norm? The only Republicans that are critical of Trump are the ones who speak up publicly (and then usually proceed to lose their seats)? I have a bridge for sale if you’re interested. Most of them most likely think he’s a retard but most of them also want to keep getting elected. DeSantis would be no exception.