new hand rule seems stupid.

So are the refs just going to constantly warn fighters for parrying strikes now? I can see a warning and possible point deduction for cases like Jones putting his arm/hand straight out and retreating, but 95% of the time it is a non-issue.

Should fighters just abandon that aspect of defense now and keep their fists clinched throughout the fight to avoid the wrath of Big John? Hopefully they get better at enforcing it as time goes on. Lame rule.

I get what they wanted to do, but its poorly executed. If refs would just stop being cowards we could solve the issue without any new rules.

If your open hand results in an eye poke you should get 1 point deducted immediately. You are already aware it could lead easily to an eye poke so if you still do it, dont wait on the point deduction. Fighters will naturally adapt and those that dont will be DQ'd.