New HardCore training DVD out!

and getting great reviews. This is the second instructional from Adam and Rory Singer of The HardCore Gym in Athens, GA. The first tape from the brothers was the "Clinch for the Street" and is considered one of the best clinch tapes on the market.

The following is a review of the new DVD from Straight Blast Gym productions.

"First, the basics: production and video quality are VERY high as is the audio, which is crystal clear. Probably the best to come out of the SBG production crew yet. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort was spent not just on content but on making it look good as well.

The extra detail on the texts, images, special effects & music tells me that if they care about the "little" things they probably care about the entire product and this is confirmed as the DVD runs.

Before the accolades, my only complaint is that you can't select a lesson and go immediately to it. You can however, skip around because the chapters ARE there and made small enough that you don't have to fast forward for 10 minutes to get to he part you want.

The DVD is just shy of 90 minutes long. I typed up a Chapter Summary so, I can just move through the chapters and get to what I want.

The DVD begins with the same intro that all the other SBG productions have, before going into Adam & Rory's specific intro, which is basically a highlight reel of Adam, Rory, the Pauls (Myatovich and Sharp), Luis Guitierrez (sp?), Jerry Wetzel, & Forrest Griffin in training (with occasional glimpses of the Überpimp Dhira), in various locations, using all the special effects in the book; from MONOchrome, Black & White, Colour, to split screens, etc.

As far as content: this is a true MMA DVD in the sense that it doesn't follow the 3 o' clock BJJ class, 4 o'clock Muay Thai class, and 5' o clock wrestling class, and hope it all comes together. It is a perfect blend of MMA.

It also isn't another technique tape in the format of a dictionary, but is LOADED with drills, in context. Material that you can immediately add to your present training.

There are none of the Q&A's that you find on some of the other SBG productions, but on this DVD, that fact lends itself to a nice flow.

Some topics covered are Combo punching, Conditioning (I was pleasantly surprised they talked about the Tabata Interval!), Close Quarter boxing, Grips, The Thai Clinch & Countering it, Wizzer series, Using the underhook, Getting out of the Corner, Proper Leg Kicking, Sparring and Progressive Sparring drills.


They take their time breaking down techniques, explaining parameters of the various drills, and only spend enough time verbally to get the instructions across and don't cackle along. The DVD is ALL action.

If you want to improve your MMA "Stand-up" & Clinch games, why watch boxing tapes, kickboxing tapes, Thai boxing tapes, Wrestling tapes, etc. when you should be actually training specifically the thing you will be doing, and that is MMA. I hope that this is the wave of the future in MMAs video productions.

Once again an excellent job by the SBG crew and specifically the Singer bros. Worth every red cent. 2 thumbs up and a bag of Guacamole Doritos!

Joe Silvia"

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Thank you very much for your time.

Rory Singer




By the way, congrats on the win Rory.


I can attest to their skill level and ability to teach. Deffinately worth checking out!

Thank you Charles.


whats the total price with shipping? are they availible now or still in production? having some trouble with the site. where can i get a promotional code (need the discounts)


babyboy32 please direct your questions to the following email for assistance:

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Ordered it, since I got a refund on my UGS's from Sonnen.


just sent an email


ttt. These guys know their stuff.

is the clinch video for street fighting and not mma?