New Harley Davidson Pan American.....may have to buy this

harley Pan American

This really has my interest. and thus far I cant find a bad review even from non-harley guys that are AVT Guys.

I didn’t realize Harley Davidson made a scooter.

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Dang. That looks pretty nice!

yeah, and apparently “they got it right” is what everyone is saying. One guy who is an adventure touring guy and not a harley fan said “This is like vinegar in my mouth to say this…but Harley got this right.”

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It looks cool. I don’t know if I have anything positive to say about HD engineering, though.

The last vehicle to tempt me into a HD showroom was the Street 750, I wanted to see a Harley cafe racer. It was such a disappointment, the worst obvious build quality I had ever seen, outside of Chinese 125cc bikes in Mexico.

I’ll give this one a look.

I have always like the idea of an adventure touring bike and I cant count the number of times I have seen a fire road or trail off a main road (especially on my two motorcycle trips across the US) and thought damn i want to know where that goes. but no way in hell I was gonna try to take a 900 pound road glide down it…

My hold back has always been 35 and 36 inch seat heights and my 29" inseam.

yeah check out the reviews about the only things anyone seems to have an issue with are.
No speed shifter
Sometimes difficult to adjust the windscreen on the fly
the font on the display is too small (but you can scroll through each item to enlarge it)
thats about it.

Everyone is raving about the engine 150hp 95 ftp torque

I think the other Harley riders would be mean to you if you were on that.

Naa no doubt they will talk shit about the exhaust tone, but I wont be able to hear them cause that bike will leave all but the most tuned up harley in the fucking dust.

Think I would go ahead and spend less money for a better bike.


But it will never be a Harley.

They have adaptive suspension, basically an auto lowering kit when you get on or stop

which Adventure touring bike due you feel would be better and less expensive?

All the reviews are pointing to it being on par with the BMW R 1250GS

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buy a 2 or 3 year old BMW. it’s still going to be a better adventure bike than this and cost a lot less.

something like this…

People will laugh, but for an adventure bike, I look for bikes with simple engines with far fewer things to go wrong…DR650.

Almost no electrics, and a simple motor, single cylinder.


I always said I’d never, ever, ever buy a Harley.

Rode my buddies vrod this winter. Now I own one. Think this engine is an upgraded version of the rods which is sweet. It doesn’t vibrate or have that annoying rumble.

Next bike I buy will be a bmw or a pan American. It sucks harley went away from their modernization strategy and back to focusing on crap cruisers with outdated engines. My 71 Honda has ohc for fucks sake.

The vrod turns for shit but is a fun bike, which is the main thing for me. The slow, shaking ass old school Harley design seems like junk to me. I’m betting 4 years before the pan American is axed. It’s sad, so much potential but at least the other manufacturers will still make bikes for guys who actually like what bikes are supposed to be.

Popeye, you still have that RG? I think we both bought 12’s at about the same time. I cleaned mine up from winter storage just last weekend.