new Havoc Fight Gear Shorts

Havoc Fight Gear has produced 4 new colors of fight shorts. The NO RIDE cut makes these the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn. The already low price is complimented with free shipping to all UG'ers until the first of the year anywhere in the U.S. So until December 31st all orders within the U.S. are shipped for free. Go to and go to the fight shorts button and get yours today. Happy Holidays... Scott I have also lowered the shorts to $30.00 PEACE.

Screw the shorts I want to see the xxx pic's. of the've got my e-mail.Thats the fee for using my gym to take the pics.the neg are probably sticky anyways.

post a pic of the girls in the "new" shorts! Nangle, I will fight Sheeley since he doesn't invite me to train there anymore.

Hey Scott - give me a call - lets got you on the show tonight!





you can find more good stuff at


Your on mighty Joe, Stand up only!! Shoot me a e-mail You know your always welcome at the gym! I heard you've been traing some guys.When you making your return to the ring see-ya ... Sheeley

Hey you 2 I can make that fight happen, but my money is on Mighty Joe. He's even better than he used to be. You will be able to see real soon when he makes his come back.

I will also knock the shorts down to ( $30.00 ) with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. for all UG'ers. Just make sure to mention MMA.TV when you order, and yes all of you that have already ordered will receive the refund. TTT





Those look great


bump for Havoc

Killer shorts Havoc!.....Nice work guys!


Thanks everyone. We are trying to come out with new gear all the time. ttt