New Hector Lombard podcast on haters and UFC 149

On his injury before UFC 149:

“It was like five weeks before the fight I got the the flu and like three weeks I was coughing, (vomiting?). No disrespect to Tim Boetch but you know what, I really think I could beat this guy on my worst day. It didn’t happen that way.”

“I definitely believe I won the fight. I know it wasn’t the best performances and I believe that was one of my worst performances, but at the same time, Tim Boetch didn’t perform at all.”

On how he felt he did enough to win the fight…

“He was saying he was going to knock me out and stuff like that so I was just thinking that he was going to come up to me and stuff but he was running away the whole fight. Those kicks that he threw at me, all those kicked landed on my knee and I believe they didn’t score that much. Those low kicks that he threw at me, I blocked them all the time. They didn’t land on my legs or anything like that.”

On Dana White saying he should cut to 170

“I think it’s impossible for me to make 185. Have you seen any photos of my body at weigh in? I cut about 23-24 pound and if you see the photos at the weigh ins I have no fat at all. I have less body fat, it’s impossible for me to cut to 170, I wish I could but I can’t.”

We also ask him about all the hate being tossed his way, transition to the UFC, who’s on his radar, who Silva’s next challenger should be, and a new training destination he might be thinking about.

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