New hire ghosting

I’m assuming the same thing happened to your mother?


Bro my mother never worked, my dad was a good provider. LOL @ her working at Dunkin Donuts

Describe your mother’s tits, do they fit the “DD” brand?

My mother works because she wants to. She’s not like your mother who’s only purpose in life was to suck her husband’s and boyfriend’s dick.

Yeah cool story and all bro but I told you to describe her tits. Im going to need you to follow instructions i hate repeating myself.

Why? I thought you liked dicks. I’m surprised you didn’t ask me to show you mine like your father showed you his.

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Whats with the attitude cuz?

What attitude? I’m just going with the flow.

Episode 4 Swimming GIF by Heels

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This one made me laugh though!


Is that for real? Hasn’t America moved onto open plan offices yet?

Thats like the very early 2000s here

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I thought about this too. I think a record number of Americans moved back home or onto a family property while others adjusted their lifestyle in order to survive (economic) lockdown. Now that things are back to normal, many of these people have structured their life (freeloading or living with many roommates) that going back to “normal” isn’t something they care to do. I am sure that’s only part of the equation, but it’s probably sizeable.


We did and it’s somehow worse. There’s more sterility to the layout.


What I have started to do is have people sign a work agreement job offer during the interview

if they ghost I send it in to the government and tank their gravy train

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yeah…severance is mandatory up here unless theres just cause for firing someone.

Canada ftw there

SuperiorMan has explained what recruiters do to collect resumes to pitch to potential clients.

Many large places will leave up job openings to collect resumes or put up job openings before things have been committed to. Hiring can be a long process, so they may put up job postings and initial interviews before firm decisions have been made around a position and management ends up changing their mind. A lot of times they also probably already have an internal person they’re going to give the job to anyway but interview externally (and waste people’s time) just for the formality of saying they looked everywhere and it went to the most qualified person.

Postings are also left up to be collected for algorithms to build profiles around job skills and pay for positions because applicants provide that info.