New HL Mod - Hostile Intent

a lot of bugs but it is a first release... very cool, can't wait for patches

You have to aim (toggle gun sights) to shoot which is cool. Although this is limiting, maybe too limiting, it forces a tactical style of fighting. The only thing I think is needed is a "hold to aim" option because I hate toggle aiming in games.

ttt for a great mod... been playing it all day

it feels like i'm in Full Spectrum Warrior

Cool. Gonna look it up.

cool, what's your SteamName? or do I already have it...

Not on yet true... gotta go pic up halflife again as I've lost my cd key. No shit either. Got the cd, bought it years ago, DON'T HAVE THE KEY. How dumb am I? Oh well, it's fairly cheap.

I'll be LgFriess over there though.

that's cool.... lots of gaming going on for HL

they released a small fix to correct some problems