New home buyer???

 I bought a new home maybe 6 months ago i am not very familiar with homes. I had this realator that sucked and when i went through for my inspection in the basement there were like boards covering a few parts of the wall. When you walk through your not allowed to tear anything down. So we left it i bought the house AS IS..


Well 6 months later I go and Tear down these boards and it looks like my foundation is cracked.. Is there anyway i could go after the old home owners or inspector or realitor?

Or am i fucked noone Told me about my foundation being Cracked i feel like i got the raw end of the deal in this one?

Anyone with input?

 Im Not sure I follow you but thanks I can do that myself.. O and thanks for that very educated response. ASSWIPER..

Can anyone give me some advice on what to do... Anyone who has made it past the 9th grade???

I actually do this kind of work, although I do so for the defense.

It is possible that you have a claim. However, it depends on the following:

1 - The actual language of the P&S agreement;
2 - The language of the agreement with your RA;
3 - Did you have a professional home inspector? If not, were you advised to obtain one?
4 - Was the RA a dual agent? (Representing yourself and the seller?)
5 - Did you have legal counsel at closing? Are you in a state that requires legal counsel?
6 - Do you have an expert who will say that the foundation is in fact cracked and in need of repair?

The smart move for you is to get answers to each of the above (or a copy of the appropriate paperwork) and take them to see a lawyer. Your state bar association can direct you to one if you don't know of any.

 Thank you