Don't forget, Couture and Lindland will be here in the spring too!

Dave! 150 lbs! No way! I don't believe it! Gah! I need to break 150! I hate being the runt of the litter.

That's it. I will talk to Showdown Joe and try and make classes during my work hours because the club is close to my office. Then I will become a grappling machine and destroy you!

...runt indeed my follicle challenged friend...


congrats showdown and Esfiha!

BTW, I drove by it tonight. Lots of driveby traffic to see it. Right on the main street of downtown Dundas.

Nice big ole "SHOWDOWN" sign in the window.

"Then I will become a grappling machine and destroy you! "

You mean that I will have to start trying. Damn! I hate when that happens.

"...runt indeed my follicle challenged friend... "

Hey, you are born with only so many hormones. If you want to waste yours growing hair, that's your problem. **Looking half way down - smiling, nodding**

Showdown Joe - When is that store of yours open. I've been trying to buy a new pair of boxing gloves for weeks now. I only see you open when I drive by while working and can't stop. Wore the old ones out hitting Dougie's head. Thing's like concrete. Sounds hollow though.



We're open from 11:30am till 5pm Monday to Friday at 171 Queens, unit 103.

When we move to 206 Dundas, we'll be open at all the godforsaken hours given all the projects we have going :)

Call ahead at 519-673-5895!


"Have to start trying?"

I haz been insulted!

Seriously, I'm not that bad. Am I?

**sob sob**

There, there now Dougie. Your not that bad (snicker). Sometimes I work up a sweat. (gafaw) Sometimes I even get out of breath (or was that allergies). LOL

Seriously though, I will need someone to break in my new gloves on. I have to pick someone with a hard head and no brain to soften them up on. Then I can use them on others. I broke in the last ones on Fox but he won't box with me anymore.

I'm down by that store at noon every day and never see them open. I'll give it another try on my next day off.

Hey...I have a heard head and no brain! I'm a shoo in!

Showdown Joe!

Make it happen!

Hey Guys,

Sorry about the lack of response. I haven't been able to hit the forum much this week. Getting killed at work.

Danny...thanks for responding bro.

Joe, e-mail me at puh-leez.

keep this thing at the top

I'm doing it for dsc166.

Dougie you're in trouble, I sold Dave a pair of boxing gloves today.


Dan, why would you do that to me?

Since Dave gained those 2 lbs he has done nothing but lord it over me about that big fat gut of his.

I'm going to get beat up by a guy who is far, far, uglier than many garden gnomes I have seen in this city. Seriously, the guy waits for me to walk into the gym and then screams like Xena as he jumps on me from the balcony of the club.

I used to have jet black hair but since Dave took to playing kamakazee I have developed grey hair. It's the stress.

The only way to redeeem yourself is to send me a copy of the new club schedule so that I may possibly make some jiujitsu classes and learn to defend myself against Dave.

As it is when I see him coming my only defense is to kick him in the nutz and scream, "LET GO OF MY PURSE!"

Help me obi wan Dan obi. You're my second last hope.

Soon we will reveal ourselves to the jedi.... soon we will have our revenge.

Honestly Dougie®, who is going to have a school open at 2:00am when your available.

"I'm going to get beat up by a guy who is far, far, uglier than many garden gnomes I have seen in this city"

I was the model for many of them.

"make some jiujitsu classes and learn to defend myself against Dave. "

You also have to overcome the many, many years of Kung Fu practise. As you know, Shaolin Kung Fu is the world's most dangerous martial art. That and my stealth ninja training will be no match for anything Feteh or someone named after food or any jedi can teach you. I can appear anywhere and anytime. Even in your dreams. No, not those ones. The other ones. Remember - I am a shark. The ground and the ring are my oceans. And you can't even swim.

I'll be taking on Randy Couture later this year to see who is the king of the old guys .

Thanks for the gloves, Dan. And those special inserts you gave me for my battle with Doug work fantastic. I used them against Richard at NBD last night and now there is a hole in the wall there.

I do love that store. There are not many rooms on this planet where I can be the tallest person there except maybe my kids JK class.