Oh Dave, you're the Hong Kong Fooey hero of my dreams!

TTT For a stronger Master Team in Ontario!!!!

Congrats to my friends in London!!! Enjoy your new "
Black Belt"!!!!!


You got it Doug. I'd just like to see you try to shoot in for a double leg past a 10 foot long Bo-Staff. Yes folks, you guessed it. I would touch Dougie® with a 10 foot pole.


Oh that is it. As soon as the school opens you and I will meet there and I will make the attempt to shoot past the Bo for the double.

The gauntlet has been laid down!

P.S. - loser has to pay for parking.

Dan! I have some UFC 46 Flyers to drop by the school this week sometime!

is the new school open yet? any word on class times?

JudoCanuck! I have a UFC 46 poster for you!

all the best to danny and mike...

back ttt

I was down there to drop off some stuff last week. The place is looking good.