New HW Top Ten!!

1. Silva- beat Saku 3 times, beat Rampage and Yoshida in the same night

2. Minotoro- just beat Saku

3. Saku- HUGE recent win vs the UNSTOPABLE Randleman, close loss to #1 guy in one of their fights, close loss to #2 guy, and also beat Rampage

4. Rampage just beat the UNSTOPABLE Randleman, beat Igor, whipped Chack

5. Randleman- just beat former UNSTOPABLE Mirko Cro Cop to become UNSTOPABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also has wins over Mo Smith and Rizzo, whipped by Chack

6. Vitor- Out of date win vs #1 guy, big victory vs Heath Herring, Huge flawless victory vs #7 guy

7. Randy Couture- Had a spectacular win vs the UNSTOPABLE Kevin Randleman but it was too long ago, recently had a few decent showing vs Tito, whipped Chack

8. Chack- close win over Vitor a while ago, Whipped by Rampage, Whipped by Couture, Whipped Tito, is Chack

9. Minotauro- brothers with #2 guy (TWIN BROS)

10. Sapp- THIS GUY HUGE!

Hopefully all 935 of your posts weren't as bad as this one.

This has to be a troll...there are so many things wrong with that post I'm not even going to bother.

Nope... This may be the worst. Regardless- 9.2

ttt for Heavys!

Ctrl Alt Delete, Ctrl Alt Delete!

I've never seen a top ten heavy weight list with so many middle and light heavyweights listed.

LOL @ "is Chack".

This post adheres to all tenents of UG knee-jerk logic. Nice work.

haha Thanks NameCaller. I have to admit I was giggling while typing.

or... chack?

NameCaller is correct. LOL. But it was painful to read. ;-)

Matt and Paulio are pretty funny on this thread!

Anyone disagree with my list?

The list will be perfect if you add BJ Penn or some lightweights to it