New iBook: The Budo Apprentice


I'm excited to announce my latest project is now available for download!  "The Budo Apprentice" is an iBook which details my journey as a young man searching for the truth in martial arts.  It describes studying Judo as a teenager in Japan, my decision to move into the dojo of an Aikido and Japanese Jujutsu master, my introduction to MMA and BJJ, and much more.  


This is a long term project, written over 10 years ago, edited and formatted for this beautiful new medium on the iPad.  108 pages with multiple color photographs and a few videos.  This was the first project I've done using iBooks Author, and I'm already working on the next title, BJJ Journey, which describes the road to black belt and how transformative the gentle art can be.  I hope you enjoy it.


The Budo Apprentice on the iTunes Store