New IC Champ?

Rae Me Stereo suspended 30 days for wellness violation. Should have put the belt on Ziggler at the PPV anyway.

 damn. Didnt he just sign a new contract?

its pretty much been Dolph to get it ever since he came it wwe

Too bad the IC title isn't worth a shit.


guess morrison is getting it.

Yeah the IC belt meant something when guys like Pedro Morales, Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man, The Mountie, Marty Janetty, Jeff Jarrett, Texas Tornado, Shane Douglas and the likes held it.

The IC belt is just lame.

There should only be 1 title.

They also ruined the US HW title

Randy Save vs Steamboat legendary match was over IC title. so was Bret Hart vs. Mr. Piper.

 Mr. Perfect vs Bret Hart and Bulldog vs Bret Hart were also legendary matches over the IC title.

 also ladder match between Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon