New Idea For Survival Show: Alone: Cityboy Addition!

This is like Alone except you have to stay at a normal campground by yourself for a weekend. You get to bring a tent, electronics, food, etc. But the contestants are soyboy city types.

You’d have a guy that cant set up his tent tapping out. Maybe someone else realizes the phone service is not strong enough to stream video so they quit. Someone just gets scared at night and quits. You get the picture.

I think this would be an awesome show!

So basically your OG representative would be @theraskal

Ah, I thought you meant something like this:

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Wouldn’t make it out of the city.

I dunno my man, theraskal has a deep admiration for the greatest fighting force in history, the French Legionaires, who definitely get outdoors. And he is built like Bear Gryllis, in fact the classic lemur physique is not just ideal for surviving in the wild, but thriving!