New In-Studio Dan Bilzerian Podcast. We Cover Everything!

Entrepreneur, high-stakes poker player and author, the one and only Dan Bilzerian joins Mike in studio, after a FREEZING rooftop ice bath! He and Mike talk all about Dan’s new book, The Setup! Hear stories of legendary parties with A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber, his time training with SEALs, the stress of betting Bugattis and Learjets in poker games, starting Ignite and taking it global, stories of the craziest guy Dan hung out with, dealing with negative press, recent beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor, Jake Paul setting himself up as the bad guy, and so much more! Be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell for notifications so you can watch all of our Podcasts, Headlines, and Recaps as soon as they are released!


0:00 Kicking things of with a Rooftop Ice Bath!

4:29 David Goggins inspired Dan to tell his story

9:13 The Setup is like four books in one!

13:36 Dan opens up on the shady side of his SEAL training

15:16 Why Dan doesn’t comment on negative publicity

20:29 One of the few people who slept with more hot girls than Dan

22:48 Breaking down The Setup

26:46 Mike and Dan are STILL freezing!

28:51 How The Setup plays into Dan’s poker strategy

38:28 Betting Learjets and Bugattis on a poker hand

43:53 The time Dan won over $10 million without breaking a sweat

45:57 Dan almost ruined his biggest hand

51:20 Molly’s Game and the true identity of Player X

54:42 Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber had a great time at Dan’s parties

57:14 The time Dan blacked out at his own party

58:36 This was the highlight of Dan’s acting career

1:01:46 Beef between MGK and Conor McGregor

1:05:26 Does Floyd Mayweather have bad management?

1:13:26 Starting Ignite

1:16:19 Taking Ignite global and dealing with negative press

1:22:07 The most patient cop in the world

1:25:43 Why it’s hard to find Dan at his own parties

1:33:09 The craziest guy Dan hung out with

1:35:57 Dan is a fan of old school fighters

1:38:43 Why AKA Thailand is Dan’s home away from home

1:43:12 Jake Paul took a big gamble


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You should have asked him about the Las Vegas shooting. He ran away only to return with a camera man filming him, even breaking into a cop car and lying to police that he was off duty to try to obtain a fire arm


Well that’s pretty shitty.

I’ve heard he’s not the greatest person out there but don’t know much about him.

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Fuck that guy


His dad stole a fuckton of money and he goes around acting like he’s self made. It makes me sick but I can’t honestly say I’d do things differently in his shoes.


The male Kim Kardashian. All show, all image. No thanks


I remember seeing the clip of him. He talked all that shit about being a badass and navy seal training, and in the clips I saw, when the shooting happened, the only person Dan Blitzerian cared about saving was Dan Blitzerian.


Looking forward to watching this. :+1:

It’s easy to sit here and think you know someone’s life just to criticize it. When you read his book, if you do, you will see he clears everything quite well with ample proof and vignettes from legitimate poker pros, millionaires/billionaires, SEAL Team members, as well as a SEAL Commander and many others. He previously became a cop and had a badge and that is why he asked for the gun to help during the attack. How many people would of tried to fight back in a terror incident rather than just run and hide?

He is a friend of mine of course, but he is also a big reason why I don’t judge other people. None of us are perfect and lived perfect lives nor would not do what he is doing if we could. Let’s at least be real here. At least some of the things he is doing.

The book will give you his full side and he pulls no punches on himself either. I recommend you at least read both sides before you judge. But that is just me.


That guys is exactly like his father;a fucking crook and a con man.


I don’t know anything about that. I’m just saying he’s a trust fund baby and that makes me a little jealous.


He was never a cop and he did run away.


As I said, a crook and a con man



Before the trying to get a gun part, when the shooting was happening, I remember seeing him run, without trying to help anyone else.

It seemed his first instinct was to flea. Not to protect anyone.

The way he tries to associate himself with the seals, I’m surprised he hasn’t been confronted for stolen valor


He was instagram live the fucking thing, Running around while people were dropping and helping no one. Cunt.


He also kicked a woman in the face and threw another off a balcony. He has enough of his criminal fathers money that the law doesn’t seem to apply to him.


It’s fine you are friends with the guy Mike, and we are honored that you share the podcast with us, well I can only speak for myself. But I am.

I like your podcast and your fight predictions.

But I really don’t like the guy and I don’t want to read a book about a guy I think is a con man trying to convince me to like him.

Nor do I believe anything someone like that says

I thought he was supposed to be going to jail for fraud.