New Inquiry Method Flow Chart

I was originally turned on to the Inquiry Method by Sir Graugart over on his site The original topic is down due to some bug, but Google was kind to us and cached a copy, so you can view it here.

Since first reading that discussion, I got my hands on a copy of Adobe Illustrator, and in the process of teaching myself to use it, I recreated the Inquiry Method Flow Chart.

Check it out.

Use it for whatever you want. I have no special claims to it. Please let me know if you spot any errors, and I'll fix them.

I don't have much new intellectual discussion to offer on the Inquiry Method since I haven't had a chance to put it to much use, but I did find it very intriguing to see inquiry education applied to BJJ or any physical activity, and I have been very impressed by the results.

Most of the SBG instructional material I've seen has really impressed me by being both creative and systematic, as the instruction is very detailed and follows a natural progression, but the techniques and strategies are unique and put a new spin on positions and how they go together.

I would ask for more on SBG's methodology, but I'll probably just get SBGi membership so I'm not just begging for material others paid for. I just thought I'd share the new flow chart and let you know that SBG's teaching and training methods and the results they are getting impress me more and more everyday.

Paul you are hilarious. :)

My brain just melted. :(

Thanks Aesopian, that is always nice to hear. I think it is extremely admirable to see coaches that spend as much time thinking about better ways to coach the material, as they do the material itself. It's nice to see.

Thanks for sharing!

I've also created a stripped down version:


Very cool, thanks much for sharing!

Very Very Nice. Thank You.

David Copeland