New installation at FShamrock gym

Apparently they have a new installation at Frank Shamrocks gym, a special device that will help them ensure they have a good flow of fighters through their gym.

They are installing a REVOLVING DOOR and TURNSTILES tro handle the volume of fighters that they are going through in order to field a RAZORCLAWS TEAM.

They are having tryouts again already? Even KEN mentioned in the IFL show the other day how Frank cant make relationships last. wHATS UP WITH THAT.

Anyway, the revolving door appears to be a good move by F SHAMROCK.

after all his great changes they got swept, felt bad for my boy odom and ebersole, n foster great guys but they deserve better...if he gets rid of that core he will only hurt himself..

how many people pay to try out? it just maybe a way to supplement income! with no intention of replaceing anyone.

I think Frank is planning to stay with the team he has so far..

I know Dan Christison is already training at Frank's gym.

Most of the time they come out maybe 2 weeks earlier.. but most of them are out now a month earlier.

out of the 3 responses vlucero is probably the only person who has the right to comment since he was actually on the Razorclaws..

Frank's official gym in San Jose has not been around for that long.. it will be 2 years in December. A few guys from AKA came over with him and he is still building up the team and just trying to recruit more guys for the team.

Definitely a lot of students, but he needs some guys with more experience.

I think part of the problem might be the area.. it's Silicon Valley.. not the cheapest place to live.. so it's harder to get fighters to come out and live the fighter lifestyle when your monthly rent for an apartment usually starts $900 a month for a single bedroom in a below average neighborhood.

I am actually a Frank Shamrock fan, but like many getting fustrated with his non fights and aborted venues. Hopefullly the Baroni fight will be the real re-start of his career.

AKA is in San Jose also, and they have a great stable of factors. Cant totally blame the housing situation here, there are always creative ways around that. I know he is building up his new gym and remeber reading the live in package they were promoting on here at one time.

Is Frank just impatient and wants immediate results for his team member, that can be understandable with some of the competing teams they are up against.

Or is the word out he is difficult to train with or something and cant get more high level MMA'ers interested in his team. This should be an opportunity more fighters are seeking out, seems he should not need tryouts for the general public.

What gives?

Thanks for the response Mr. Lucero

I think Frank is just trying to build up his team right now.. not necessarily the Razorclaws but his regular group of guys for Team Shamrock.

He charges people who are just the "general public" or have no fights for the tryouts.. but if you have 5 or more fights.. then it is a free tryout.

I was able to check out the last tryout just as an observer and it was intersting to watch. I had always heard the Lions Den stories about tryouts.. this was similar but different.

Rather than being militaristic.. by telling them to "give up now".. or "go home" like in the LD stories.. they were very supportive.. and were very positive in comments.. and encouraging them that they could do it.

he drilled them to see what moves they knew... and for cardio.. he would time them.. a minute of pushups.. a minute of situps.. etc.. that just kept going on and on with different exercises.

then they later padded up and did subs, boxing, kickboxing, and then mma.

Maybe Vince Lucero might be able to describe what practices were like and how it compares to other places he has trained at.

as far as I know.. Bob is still at AKA.. I think he handles a lot of the AKA guys

not sure why Frank left.. but probably like Southworth and Bryan Johnston.. he probably wanted to have his own school

parklife, i loved franks gym, his guys are the best,alot of people think i hate frank cause he cut me. i dont i was only upset that he said some things about me after.i called him on it and he said it was for show. i felt like family there, the training was great.i think all the changes are bad for his team, if he would have kept me and steinbess, i really feel we could have been one of the better teams. its hard fighting knowing if i lose im gonna get cut.i dont know bob cook, but if i was in san jose i would have no problem training with frank n his guys.


I see you a lot on here.. what is your background.. howd you get into fighting.. and where are you training at?

do you have a myspace page?

just saw this park, im an old wrestler, started fighting when i went to corner some friends who were fighting thet asked if i wanted to fight, i said sure and i myspaceis vlucero1123..hit me up..