New Japan dojo

Anyone been to the NJPW dojo in Santa Monica? I was wondering if their conditioning is still Gotch influenced. They doing squats and pushups and bridging? or how popular is the conditioning in Japan these days. I know some guys are still doing it (Takada Dojo, Pancrase gyms, etc) but I was curious about the prowrestling gyms or promotions.

Believe it or not the NWA-Florida guys warm up with 100 hindu squats. Don't know where or why they picked them up.

The head trainer is a luchador, so I highly doubt it. They used to do squats, and hindu push ups when Somoa Joe, Rocky Romero, and Bryan Danielson were training, but that left with them.

As for the NWA Florida guys, there was a real popular video out about 5-6 yerars ago which showed Hiro Matsuda training Ron Simmons. Very Gotch like training. I think you can still find it highspots.

I have that DVD of Matsuda training Ron Simmons. It was great to see that footage. Also, not to get off subject but those guys that Shooter1975 mentioned in his post are really good reps of stiff wrestling. I have seen each of them compete and like their style. Seriously reminiscent of UWFi type of style.

I actually saw Romero competing in U-Style and he really impressed me with his tenacity.

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