New Jason MacDonald Interview

Jason MacDonald Interview

He talks about training with Greg Jackson and about his fight with Rich.



Good luck J-Mac

TTT for the Athelete

i hope he wins. I don't think he will.

Franklin by brutal quarry style KO.



Thanks jackbquick


Can someone please posts some highlights of the interview. For some reason, my firewall at work isn't allowing me onto the site.




on training with greg jackson:

"Unfortunately, living where we do, in Alberta, we don't have the quality and the number of training partners as I have down here at Greg Jackson's. So I came down here to Greg Jackson's, to broaden my horizons, learn some new skills, and train with some great athletes."

on ppl saying that he was originally brought in to lose to ed herman

"I'd like to think that stereotype has already been broken down. After two wins over UFC veterans that the UFC sees Rich Franklin as a step up for me and a good match up," said MacDonald.

on the rich franklin fight mar 3rd

"A lot of people don't expect me to win this fight, but I have intentions of doing the same thing I have done in the last two," said MacDonald. "It's no big secret what the game plans are going into the fight. Rich is going to want to try to keep it standing and knock me out, and my intentions are to, hopefully, submit him. But it's just who has the ability to put their game plan in place on the night is going to come away with the victory."



not a snowballs chance in hell.^^^

i can't wait to see Macdonald's post fight submission dance/taunt.

gonna be hard when he's unconscious.

macdonald isn't gonna be unconcious on march 3rd until he lays his head down on his pillow to dream of his GLORIOUS VICTORY.

"the athlete" is gonna serve "ace" with a little E-TOWN BEATDOWN.

champ city, REPRESENT.

j-mac by heart of a champion, rd1.