NEW Jason Mayhem Miller Interview

The following is an excerpt from a new interview with Jason "MayheM" Miller.

To read the full interview, go to: [laughs] Alright. What have you been up to lately, how have you been keeping yourself busy?

Jason "Mayhem" Miller: I don't keep myself busy. I like to play a lot of video games, and eat a lot of muffins from Starbucks and drink a lot of caffine.


Jason "Mayhem" Miller: Come on give me something to work with here. Ask me a question, I'll tell you no lies! OK, you've got the big fight coming up with Stephan Gamlin this weekend in Hawaii. How's training been going for this big 6'7'', 400lb. monster.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller: Trainings goodbye. Trainings over already. I'm just relaxing and getting my body back in condition to whoop some ass. To whoop some large, over-sized ass. How do you train for somebody this big?

Jason "Mayhem" Miller: You train with giant, big guys. Actually I just trained with two-150 lb. midgets. I stack 'em one on top of each other and then they wrestle with me and box with me, and it's that easy.

To read the full interview, go to:

TTT mayhem interviews are always good

This one was according to him a "shit-erview". My poor writer was lost from beginning to end trying to keep up with Mayhem. I probably should have taken this one myself. I cringed 1,000 times listening to the audio to type out the transcription.

Anyways, if a blue namer could hook up a link for the above URL, it'd be much appreciated.


I think you're the first person in history to actually give me a link instead of just going to the page and pasting the whole thing on here instead.

Appreciate it buddy.

Classic Mayhem

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Mayhem is the shiznit!!!


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ttt for a great interview

TTT for tard strength

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I really wish I understood the obsession with this guy. What ever happened to his court case?

Retard strength = ratings

funny shit

I heard the two midgets are actually mexican pro wrestlers.