New Joe Bob Briggs special 8/14

It looks like he may be doing a marathon of the Hatchet movies (his guest is the director) on his new show The Last Drive In. The 2nd season of hos weekly show ended last month and it was giving me something to look forward to during the quarantine. He’s also working on remastering and releasing segments from his old shows like Monstersvision. I love watching horror movies with this dude and learning a bunch of shit about how the movies are made.


Last season he ended with Hellraiser 2 while interviewing Ashley Laurence and Doug Bradley.  Movie after that was Hell Comes to Frogtown. 

Really a must watch if you love B-horror movies. I assume he’ll also do a Halloween special and a Christmas special before season 3 starts. 

Always a good time with a good dude. 

Any OGers a fan? If so, anyone want to do a watch party on here once it airs? It’s on the app Shudder and they always have week long trials anytime they have him host a special/season.