New Jorge Gurgel Purple Belt!!!!!

Dustin Hazlett was awarded his Purple Belt today from Jorge Gurgel!
He is now one of only 13 Purple Belts under Jorge, and I believe the youngest at 19!
He does not post on here, but I wanted to send him a "shout out" anyway!
(Photo taken at the E.G.O.. He was winner of the Light Weight Invitational!)

Way to go Dustin!!! Congrats from Team Jorge Gurgel in Grand Rapids!!!



I will let him know.

Will we see you at the Nationals?

Congrats Dustin!!!!
Check out some of the other EGO results here:

Accolades for Dustin!


Props to D !!!!!!!
Also props to Team Ground Zero !!!!!!!!

Congrats. Purples under Jorge are no joke!

Hey Dustin, I hope things are going good with you. I'm training as though I will be at the Nationals, but some cruel dude made the Nationals on Oct 30th...My kids are trick or treating that night and I can't miss that!!

I'm sending about 8 guys down though, help em out for me!!!!!

Good luck, win that $ for Jorge....he needs it bad:)


We will see what happens. I will help out with your guys anyway I can!