new Judo & Jujitsu Website

I made a website on martial arts - mostly Judo/Jiujitsu related Tell me what you guys think of it. I plan on updating it with more stuff:


pretty cool, seems like lots of effort. maybe a section on some techniques would be nice.

Judoinfo has so many techniques with animations and videos - so I'm linked to there. But thankyou!
Mike =)

Nice job!

Thanks! Hey maybe I should add your Sambo site since I don't have one.....?

I liked you site. The links were great. I really like the pictures of the "temple" (i think)..JMJC linjk was interesting. I did not know they had dorms and all that for serious competitors. What tennis coaches do for tennis players he is doing with judo. Cool!


I made a lot of changes - check it out now...