New K1 game

Anybody played it?


Saw it on the shelves otherday, but wasn't sure if was gonna be much cop or not.
(Aleady have k1 Beast Attack)

Is the Romanex mode any good and does it also have a regular K1 mode.

I wanna know if its much cop before I splash out on it.


Never played it but it makes me want a PS2.

It has Romanex and K1 modes.

I got it, but I play it, I get all the menus and stuff, but whenever the fight is about to happen, my PS2 locks up.

But from people that have played it, I heard it looks prettier than WGP but plays worse, controls aren't responsive and the move set it pretty limited.

I gotta screw around with my ps2 some more to make it work.

Dunno about US versions - I am in Japan.

Guess its the same game though.

I got it from bit torrent a few weeks ago. It is ok. Graphics are worse IMO and it plays way worse than WGP. The Romanex mode plays much diff than any other mma game I have played but unfortunately it is hard to understand the menu's because they are in japanese. Is there a FAQ out there for this game? I can maybe seed a torrent if there is interest.

So it is in the US?

no it was only released in japan, you can find it online to download though if you have a mod'd ps2

Anyone get it to work using Swap Magic?

i downloaded yesterday and playred only the k1 mode not the romanex. This game is crap, son't waste your time downloading this game. Just get the last one.

Seriously i don't know how you can downgrade this bad when the last one was good and all it needed some more fluid movement and better specials.