New K1 oceania AWESOME!!!!!

Anyone catch Dixon's NZ show from Anzac day in Auckland?

The show was G R E A T !!!!

Didn't see all the fights but it had a 5 star feel to the production. As close to the big Japanese shows as I have ever see.

CHRISOPOULIDIS v Hiriwa was off the hook! Jordan THAI is one sick mofa too!


Best shows outside of Japan

I only caught the end and I was super impressed. They had ramps everywhere! Had a real Pride/K1 feel to the event.

Even had Michael SCHIEVLLO wear a tie!


Yeah, I taped that son of a bitch. Good production values.

Chrisopoulidis was ALL heart. Unbelieveable. Not only that his technique is getting better, and DAMN, how did Hiriwa take all those leg kicks??!?

Ashley White has stepped up a couple of times to the next level but been punished. Chopper really went to town on him in their fight

LOL@O'Hello just looking for the bombs. Walking through leg kicks just to launch his right... And finally, Slowinki looked bigger and has obviously improved his hands. As the commentators noted, with just a little more work on his boxing he will be really effective in K-1.

Oh and Jordan Tai's knee KO was off the hook. Out of nowhere and Bang did his opponent go down (can't remeber his name). I watched Shannon Forrester give him everthing he could and Tai just jatzed him so quick. Scarey mofo.