New Kaeate/MMA School Delmar, DE

Master Eric Thompson is Proud to announce the opening of his NEW Karate/MMA school in Delmar, DE.

The school is located in the Delmar Commons @
38613 Benro Dr. #2
Delmar, DE 19949
Phone # (302)846-3030
point of contact: Eric Thompson

The school features a wide variety of Tae Kwon Do classes for adults and youth, after school Program for kids, Muay Thai kickboxing, BJJ, and MMA.

People of all skill levels are invited to join and learn from a great instructor.

if it teaches tkd, muaythai kickboxing, bjj and mma. Why call it a KARATE and MMA school. There is no karate in that list.

If you say so. I am not real familiar with the differences between TKD, Karate, and other traditional Martial Arts. My background is in wrestling, BJJ, and a little kickboxing, so if I offended you by calling it karate.

Not really a problem. Its just that we who DO train karate tend to get a lot of crap thrown our way due to the fact that many americans believe that karate is some kind of generic catch-all term for all martial arts.

Naturally we tend to want karate schools to actually teach karate. Preferably quality karate.

Karate has enough McDojos (Im not saying that this school is one) that sullies the name for serious karate practicioners, without getting the blame for tkd/kungfu/ninjutsu/whatever schools that choose to market themselves as "karate" for the name recognition value.

If you didnt know the difference, no harm done, just get it right next time.

So what are the differences between Actual Karate and the other arts such as TKD and others. Enlighten me karate master so I can "just get it right next time."

to begin with, actual karate actually involves the art "karate", originating on the Japanese island Okinawa. Other arts such as TKD as implicated by that "other arts", is by definition not the same art as karate.

If you are going to run a school, or advertise for it, you need to know what the school teaches.