New Knife Monday

Microtech Ultratech with Merlot scales and bronzed dagger blade (Elmax steel), clip, and fasteners.


I carried an Ultratech in Iraq and it was absolutely excellent. It was time to get another.

This hurt me to watch lol.

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Elmax is the shit

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My dad gave me an Ultratech for my birthday here a few years ago. It’s just a simple black handle with a hellhound blade. I couldn’t force myself to carry or use it because my dad gave it to me.

A few years later, I finally found an LUDT that was exactly what I wanted at the price that I wanted it for. It’s rode around in my pocket since then.

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Awesome gift bud!

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This will be in my pocket tonight in honor of you:

Beautiful knife man!

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well done applause GIF

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Love it! Are you ever going to try your hand at a folder (or have you)?

Do you have any other autos or was this the first?

I have a tanto Ultratech that I took to Iraq with me. It did fantastic in the desert. I was worried about all the sand but it turned out not to be an issue.

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It really is excellent!

I think with a knife that has that small of a blade you need a strong steel like elmax. If you have some bullshit steel with no edge retention you are going to be sharpening all the time and that expensive knife has it’s life shortened dramatically.

One of the main things I look at when buying a knife is it’s ease of sharpening and edge life. I have to really like a knife to buy it if it has no sharpening choil or if it looks as if it won’t take well to it. It says a lot about spydercos that they are my favorite brand and not a single one has a choil. They are just really really good cutting tools.

TBH with a knife like this with a double edged dagger blade, I’m not going to be sharpening it myself.

I can send it back to Microtech for cleaning/oiling/sharpening and they’ll fully disassemble it, clean it, sharpen it…for like $15.

Thats why I would probably never buy that blade shape but to each their own. I would much prefer one of their other blade shapes that I can touch up when needed. I don’t like that microtech doesn’t let you take apart your own knife. I love their knives but I hate companies that do that. I enjoy sharpening my knives and taking them apart to clean them. It gives me something to focus my mind on.

I love that color scheme though. It’s one of my favorites.

I mean…you certainly CAN take it apart. You can get the fastener bits from Blade HQ…but I certainly would not recommend it because getting it back together will be a bitch.

I’ve taken apart other otf’s and it’s definitely more complicated than a normal knife. I haven’t tried it with a microtech though because it’s just too expensive of a knife to ruin the warranty. I take my boker otf apart though and it’s not too horrible. My boker otf is my user otf that I use at work sometimes so it can get gunked up from time to time. For a 100 bucks it’s a great knife. It feels almost as good function wise as my microtechs. D2 is definitely not on the m390 or elmax level though. Elmax is the king of production steels right now in my opinion. There are a couple other steels that you could say are technically better but they are not offered on many production knives so I wouldn’t even compare it. I also love lcn200 as well. It has decent edge retention and is bullet proof as far as corrosion.

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