*NEW* koRn - Never Never

They back


Nitecrawler - Meh.

Loved their first album and most of the subsequent albums but this song didn't really do it for me.

Good to see JD lost the weight though, dude was getting fat as fuck and still rocking that kilt. Shit was getting embarrassing. Phone Post 3.0

It's not good as their old stuff but It's still okay. Yeah and JD looks a lot more healthier and looks like he's off the drugs too.


Davis has been sober for nearly 15 years. I still buy their albums and find a track or two I enjoy enough to want to hear more of it. I think this is the best one on the album.

thought i just heard this record was delayed due to prescription drug addiction? he was skinny as hell when I saw them with 5 finger death punch and Hell Yeah. don't remember how long ago that was, think "twisted transistor" was the single?