New KOTC Champ: Matt Stansell

Just wanted to give a public congratulations to Matt Stansell, the new
King of the Cage 170 pound champion!

Matt was Roy Harris' first black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and continues
to represent through his MMA endeavors. He currently runs North
County Fight Club, where rising stars like Jeff Clark and Jason Lambert
train, shedding blood, sweat, and tears to improve and excel in MMA.

Way to go Matt!!!!


Roy Dean

Congrats to a nice guy

Great win!!

Aweome for Matt, congrats on the win and he will be a good champ. Joker vs Stansell KOTC set it up!!

Matt is the MAN!! Huge congrats on his win!!

Congratulations Matt!!

never heard of him. is he asian?

Denny, needs rematch!

"Well his success in MMA should be indicative that he infact is NOT asian."

I thought he was succesful. That would make him atleast have Asian like qualities. Please captilize the "A" when saying "Asian". I think my people deserve it.

ttt for Matt (The Great Asian) Stansell

Nice Fight Matt!! Thanks for the vote Ray..

A pal of mine warned Terry T. that Stansell was more than capable of winning the belt from Denny ... I guess Terry doesn't protect his champs though [and rightfully so], and he went right ahead and made the match anyway.

I'd like to see Stansell defend it against someone first, then .. once Denny wins another fight he can fight for the title again [rematches made so soon after the initial fight are too much, too soon .. IMHO anyway].



Dont worry Brian. Denny will always get his rematches, even if someone else should get a chance.This is not a slam, Denny clearly has a large fan base for KOTC (soboba) and represents the business well.He is a smart and hardworking Guy!P.S. That division is stacked with good fighters.....


very true!