New Laker Fan!!!!

I would like everyone to welcome the newest Laker fan to the forum, Floppy's daughter Moonbean. Now let's all do our part to keep Kobe away from her. Congrats Floppy. I guess you really weren't as floppy as we all had been lead to believe.

Welcome his kid you fuckers!!!!!

his kid will look just like Rick Fox.

congrats floppy. my 2nd kid is due in late jan/early feb

She has more sense than her dad!!!


Oh Jesus there are little Brian Davis'es running around!?! ;) Congrats Brian

LOL!! NO KIDS FOR ME EVER. I'm gonna see a urologist some time this week about getting a vasectomy.

Oh so now you're just going to deny your baby?!?!?! She waits for you to get out of prison and this is how you treat her? Bastard!!!!!

F Floppy!!! Take Care of your Mutant Babies!!!!..LOL!!! :)



so did you get your visectomy?