New Laptop - Sony Vaio

Welp, after some haggling with CrapUSA I was able to seal the deal on a bad little mofo.

A Sony TR3A Vaio. This thing is sweet, 10.4 Widescreen that runs at 1280x768. 1 Ghz Pent M ultra low voltage (battery lasts for 5 hours) 3.3 Lbs, and its just fucking cool looking.


5 hours? Damn. My Powerbook lasts 3, and that's if i turn the brightness way down and other crap like that.

But it's still no Great Quality.

I heard too many people having problems with the Vaio's proprietary drivers and lack of Linux support.

I'm sure those 5 hours is no harddisk, no CD-ROM, low CPU utilization.

Lack of linux support, yes

There is a community dedicated to getting linux working right on this, and they said they've had, so ya know.

I'll do some battery testing on this to see how it does.

Careful, there's been probs with Sony Lcd hinge designs. Crack.

true - I got 2 years of warranty on this, so hopefully, I'll find something else before then

Hey Fin,

how much for that badboy?

Is Pentium M like the Centrino?

It is the Centrino

The Centrino is a label that labtops can only get if they have intel wifi, pent m and video

damn that's beautiful. how much did that cost you?

1k + taxes

hmm, I have a 17" 2.8 p4 1gb ram nvidia 5700fx 64mb and my battery last a whole 30-40 minutes of gaming and about hour and 10 minutes just surfing the web. The bitch is 15 pounds heavy and I carry the thing every where I go. Power cord with me at all times though.