New Lloyd Irvin BB in TN

I wanted to take a moment to brag on a very close friend of mine who received his black belt from Lloyd Irvin this weekend.

Over the past 4 years Shawn Hammonds has become more than just a friend to me--he has become my brother. I had the opportunity to work with Shawn for a couple years in Nashville at Nashville MMA...and I can honestly say that if it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. He, in my opinion, exemplifies what a true BJJ Black Belt should resemble. He takes pride not only in his own craft but in the progression of his students as well.

I first started training with Shawn when he was a purple belt and I'm proud to still be a part of his life as he achieves this milestone that he's been working towards for years now. No one in the industry can argue that this isn't due...

I love you bro...and I'm incredibly proud of you!

Your brother...


P.S. My privates better stay at the same price :)

congratulations to a tough and cool guy. kyle cann on

congrats Shawn!

Congrats to Shawn!

Congrats from Knoxville BJJ!!!

Congrats top Shawn! good guy and a tough competitor

Damn Bro, now your the Shit!!! Love ya man

Congrats Shawn! You definitely deserve it.

Dave how ya doin brother we miss ya down here TN.
Congrats Shawn see ya monday

   Big Floyd


TTT and Congats to Shawn!

Well deserved... CONGRATS!

Congrats to Shawn from everyone at the Chattanooga Jiu-Jitsu Academy!

Congrats to one of the toughest, nicest most decent men on earth. Do yourself a favor and get to Nashville to train with Shawn before his musical career makes him to busy to help you.

Dave B.


Shawn is one of the nicest people I have meet in my 9 years of being involved with our sport.

Congrats...a Blake Belt is a huge accomplishment..but a Black Belt from Master Lloyd carries allot of "weight" & respect... IMO anyway!

Awsome competitor, but an even better Sportsman!

- Dustin Ware


Awesome. Congrats Shawn. Very well deserved.

  • David Ferguson

met on the mat been freinds ever since
helped me out in some bad times
never forget it


make sure to stop by


How long did it take him to get his submission grappling black belt?