New look Brock Lesnar

I always thought of him as a bully and was never a huge fan of him personally, but I did enjoy the fights.


how’d he get even uglier


I feel for his daughter who looks like him


He still has a cock tattooed on his chest.

Old age…

Looks like Billy Gunn

Thats exactly what he was. I know this isnt popular talk for the UG section, but he really was a modern version of Bob Sapp. He was definitely more skilled but since he was sky rocketed to the belt he never had the chance to be exposed like fighters typically are along the way. The Cain and overeem fights were shameful. If he wasnt famous and had to have a typical career like other heavyweights, he never would have made it to a title match because he would have been exposed and figured out along the way.

He had the Tyson effect in his favor in that fighters were scared of him. Once he got exposed though he was humanized.

He injured Cain badly in that fight even though he lost. Bob Sapp wasn’t 1/100th of the combat sport athlete Brock was.

Frank Mir 2x
Randy Couture
Heath Herring
Shane Carwin
Cain Velasquez
Alistair Overeem
Mark Hunt

That is a murderer’s row of HW’s right there. He fought 4 of them after coming back from a life threatening injury/illness.

Ernesto hoost was Sapp’s 3rd and 4th fight ever. And Sapp destroyed him. His second fight

Sapp and brock both presented as anomaly type fighters because size wise they were so fundamentally different than everyone else you would fight against combined with the fact they were both huge dangerous brutes.

Both ended up being exposed as fighers that responded extremely poorly to getting hit and having the pressure put on them with strikes. Just like bullies.
Brock’s record was 5-3.
Brock was gifted a title shot in his 4th fight despite his record being 2-1 at the time and being on a 1 fight win streak. Yes he definitely beat couture but again brock was still largely an unknown opponent at that point who didnt have to go through 10 or more fights along the way.

Sorry to derail thread.

Yes, Sapp beat him because he had like a 80lb weight difference on Hoost. Brock only fought 1 can his entire career. The UFC had a mini tournament and their HW division was pretty thin at that point. There is Brock’s career before his illness and Brock’s career afterwards. We can also say their is Pre USADA Brock and Post USADA Brock. Pre USADA Brock would still fuck up some UFC HW’s today. Tuivasa, Hardy, Tybura, Volkov, Spivak, Sakai, Daukaus, Oleinik, AA, etc would be in trouble.

Yeah I’m sure brock would still beat some guys today. His attributes and athletic background are always going to make him a formidable opponent. However if he hadnt been famous and his career had been fleshed out and developed like a typical fighter’s career I think it would have resulted in him being a very middle of the road competitor and a respectable(but beatable) gate keeper

How many fights has Gane had in the UFC? or Ngannou when he got his first Title shot?

I stopped watched ufc a few years ago. Quick search shows ngannou fight for the title was his 13th match

Gane is 9-0 but it seems he also had a muay Thai career.

Heavyweight division has traditionally been one of the weakest for the UFC in which there is often a lack of competitors

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Cool new hair but he looks no different besides that

those guys have a great you tube channel.