New Lyoto interview with translation!

I did the translation by myself, think I got it all covered.

The Fight
0:10-1:41 - "About the fight... I think I won the first round. I think we were pretty even until I got took down. I had no time to react and got that elbow strike. When the fight resumed, I could barely see. They barely took any care of the wound and didn't clean it properly. Later I was confirmed I could have used that time better. But If I asked for better care, I was afraid the judge was going to interpret it as if I was giving up."

1:42-2:17 - "Every defeat hurts a lot... But many people believed in me. I was really believing in myself. I got very close, if I kept doing like I was in the first round... I could have brought the belt back here. It's hard to tell if that was my most difficult defeat."

Future in the UFC
2:18-3:34 - "I still have plenty of fights left at the UFC. I talked to Dana White after the fight and he liked it a lot. He cumplimented me and said I got really close to getting the belt. I just keep going strong. -Are you already thinking about a rematch? -Every athlete wants to compete. I tell people that I'm not upset but of course the athelete inside of me wants to win all the time. I'm a competitor and I want to win. Of course I would like to fight Jon Jones again. Still, it's early to think of a rematch."

3:35-4:40 - "Getting recognized and admired is very good. I take it very personally. I analyze things when someone criticizes me but I get a lot of praise, too. You have to rationalize things. But I'm always looking to listen from the people who are training with us, who are around us, and who understand the game very well. They can definitely help me no matter who is the opponent but of course, some people like to talk without really knowing what's going on, and that can be a problem if you give them attention."

Changing divisions
4:41-5:24 "My manager told me that changing divisions is a possibility. I think it could be a great challenge to me, and I would look after it if I was reigning champion. In the future it's a possibility, who knows?"

How to handle defeat
5:25-6:08- "I'm very motivated. Sometimes we win and get comfortable. I want to come back to fix my mistakes, return even stronger, and I'm hoping to get back to work and fight once again as soon as possible."

Fighting in Brazil
6:10-6:48- "It would be a dream to fight here in Brazil, specially here in Belem. There are already 4 events scheduled in our country, Dana White is in fact here in Brazil today, and I think this will be a dream come true if it ever happened, to fight here in my homeland, with the people cheering for me. "

Thanks for the translations, wow Machida at 185.. I wonder what he walks around at.

Machida at 185 would clean house.

Machida's style is designed to whoop wrestlers and grapplers. He'd abuse Chael Sonnen, Yushin Okami, Demian Maia, Michael Bisping and the like.

"When the fight resumed, I could barely see. They barely took any care of the wound and didn't clean it properly."

I try and try to like Machida like I used to...but it's just not happening.