New Martinus-site!´s not 100% complete yet, it will soon get a discussionforum where you can discuss spiritual topics and ask questions related to Martinus writings. And it´s still alot of interesting stuff to read there.Enjoy.

From the first page: "The Bible has been completed with the Third Testament.
During the twothousand-year history of Christianity the world has become used to the Bible containing two testaments. With The Third Testament, however, the Bible has been expanded with a yet another testament and thereby been given the continuation which Christ had promised"


"I'm in the middle of reading "Death is an Illusion.""

Cool, I didn´t think you would actually read it. Let me know what you think when you are finished (if you feel like it of course).

"I'm surprised there aren't more sites about Martinus"

I think it is mainly because his own policy. Martinus himself didn´t want to create alot of attention around himself and his work and there is no organization to join or anything like that. Martinus believed that people that is "ready" for his teachings would naturally feel attracted and find it.

"He's an interesting guy to say the least."

I agree 100%

"But as this spiritual process, as mentioned before, will be experienced by every individual when, in his eternal existence, he is passing through that stage of development wich is necessary for the said experience, then it will be seen here that, concerning sensory gifts, I do not represent any special pirivilege or any exception to the rule, and thus in the eternal evolution I could not possibly constitute one singel jot more than that wich all other living beings before me have been and wich all other living beings after me will be."IF, in the end, there will be the realization that "I" am that which all of US are, why not start from that standpoint immediately instead of being attached to all of this achieving?SCRAP

Scrap- different paths to G-d. different paths up the same hill, through the same forest. different obstacles, different barriers, but all the same.

Scrap "IF, in the end, there will be the realization that "I" am that which all of US are, why not start from that standpoint immediately instead of being attached to all of this achieving?"

I will do my best to explain this from my understanding of M´s explenations in that matter.

The principle behind this phenomena is the principle of desire and saturation. So all living beings evolutes back and forth between a state where they are councious about their true nature and state where they are not councious about it. Once you get "fed up" with one "state" you strive for the opposite.

(like you would for example eventually get tired of eating your favorite food every day)

I know that some buddhist doctrines teach that all desire is something that you should strive to give up (to reach your enlightment and leave the world of suffering). I´m not saying that it is wrong, but according to M. desire is impossible to get rid of totally (it´s linked to your "I" to eternally guarantee experiencing),

You can though, change the "thing" that you desire.

Did that create more clarity or did I make it worse now?

" It's interesting that he had such limited education, yet was able to write the rather complex things like Livets Bog"

I agree, I think that´s one of the most interesting things about the whole thing. There has also been linguistic-researchers looking in the way he wrote in danish, and they got to the conclusion that his language is still strongly influenced by this dialect from the little town he was raised in. Indicating his lack of higher education.


nice. Do you find it interesting?

Just a couple of days ago they just opened a new English Discussion phorum.It´s not alot of activity yet, but if anyone has any questions, that is a great place to get a good answer on Martinus eternal worldpicture.So welcome to go there!

No religion or sect"As "Livets Bog" constitutes a re-telling of the experience of this all-encompassing "religion of life" and has been manifested with a view to stimulating the development of each individual's ability to understand this religion for himself, so that he is able to see for himself – not based on "Livets Bog¨, but based on life's own direct speech – what he ought to do and ought not to do, what is real and what is unreal, one will then be able to understand that "Livets Bog" in no circumstances whatsoever should act as a force stimulating the formation of any sect, religion or creed, especially as the religion of life, as already mentioned, recognizes all living beings – both those with a faith and those without, both the so-called "holy" and the so-called "ungodly", both animals and humans – as being already, at birth, members, practitioners and adherents." (Livets Bog I, paragraph 15)

Human beings are growing away from religious dogmas"Why have the religious ideals that have been proclaimed to human beings over the millennia not been able to prevent these demonic manifestations and the consequent deaths, disability, illness, hardship and decline in morality? Is it not apparent that the traditional religious ideals or dogmas, no matter how divine they have been, have not been able to free mankind from this Doomsday epoch of terror? In fact, do we not see that human beings are simply growing out of these ideals almost like children growing out of their clothes or shoes? To loose one's faculty to believe in them is therefore quite natural. Have not millions of people become materialists or atheists? Is it not an equally unshakeable fact that this number is still increasing, that there are more and more empty seats in the churches or houses of God during the services? Does it not hereby become a fact that the very highest life-determining cosmic truths, religious commandments and dogmas have become a mystery, have become something that intelligent human beings actually consider is beneath them to have anything to do with or believe in? Is there something the matter with human beings or is it the religious ideals that are wrong?" Human beings who do not require logical justification to accept the traditional ideals and dogmas"In the absolute sense it is neither the human beings nor the religious ideals that are wrong. The religious ideals are ingeniously adapted to suit the human beings to whom they have been given, on their particular evolutionary step. And for these human beings the ideals form a vital foundation of their lives. But a large part of mankind has grown on from these evolutionary steps. These beings have to varying degrees grown on to higher evolutionary steps. They are living in a quite different mental sphere from the one for whom the traditional religious answers and dogmas were adapted and which the beings in that sphere could a hundred percent surrender to due to their instinct, which is still to some extent flourishing. They were still not so developed in intelligence that they demanded intellectual confirmation of or justification for these religious ideals or dogmas. For them it was enough that they were given by authorities." Human beings who do require logical justification"But this is not how it is today. Today great masses of human beings have lost their faculty to believe because their instinct has to a greater or lesser extent degenerated owing to the development of their intelligence. They have thereby gained the faculty to analyse, research and observe for themselves. As this development takes place it causes them to demand a logical basis or scientific substantiation for every thought construction or idea they have to accept as truth. But it would be quite unreasonable to blame these human beings for their state. It is impossible for them to believe in the dogmas of the religious ideals, precisely because they are manifested as mere conclusions or assumptions without the logical or scientific structure of which they are the conclusions. It is for this reason that this symbol book and the main work, to which it is a supplement, have been created. This book is thus created to help those people for whom it is impossible to believe in bare assertions or assumptions without intellectual or logical substantiation, but who nevertheless with their hearts and minds are seeking the justification for the state of Doomsday that they are beginning to sense must exist behind the primitivity and folly of daily life. A road is opened up before these people's cosmic study that leads on towards life's own all-encompassing justification of darkness in the world as a link in the creation of the eternal maintenance of the keynote of the universe: Love."