New Medicals in Quebec

Just wondering what fighters are doing about the new medical requirements in Quebec (specifically the Catscan). Will the commission shut down UGC and Apex- I doubt many of the guys will get a Catscan in a few weeks.

Ryan... you are a little too worried about this. The only problem with the CATCAN will be travel time and money. There are clinics in Montreal that do this on the spot and get the result the next day. So if you're willing to drive here, you can get it done easily. We're looking for places in Buffalo to get it done for our Toronto fighters, places in Ottawa/Gatineau for our local fighters (and for the days leading up to the event) and clinics in Montreal.

I can't speak for the UGC, but I have no doubt that we'll get everything done for the APEX show. If you have any other concerns, please email me privately. These medical requirements are the norm for Quebec fighters for quite a long time, as well as many other commission.